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Routine Maintenance Service

UK Gutters Maintenance Ltd aim to provide the highest quality gutter cleaning and maintenance services, offering solutions to cover all of our customers requirements. As a leading national gutter cleaning service, we cover a multitude of minor remedial works including; leaking gutter joints, holes in gutters and pipes, blocked outlets, broken or misaligned downspouts and missing wire brackets.

  • We aim to deliver the most economic solutions for your gutter maintenance requirements
  • Our routine maintenance gutter services cover commercial, retail and industrial properties including schools, hospitals and universities
  • We operate with experienced two man teams carrying out gutter repair and maintenance works at height
  • We use 16.5m liveried boom vans as a standard piece of equipment for safe access
  • Every project is overseen by our dedicated health and safety manager
  • Regular communication ensures clarity between our customers and our business

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    Our Work

    Small Roof Repairs

    As part of an ongoing gutter maintenance contract, we can offer an extensive array of specialist Commercial and Industrial Roof Repair and Maintenance services. As our experienced teams are fully trained to work-at-height and can identify roofing problems, we have seen a growing demand from our client base for this specialised service.

    For any new clients we can offer just our commercial gutter cleaning services, or a combination to include your commercial and industrial roof repair needs. This roof repair work includes:

    • Commercial Skylight sealing and replacement works
    • Flue collar replacements and sealing of smoke vents
    • Cut edge corrosion treatment
    • Repairing and replacing loose and broken roof slates and tiles
    • Repairs to ridge and eaves cappings and lead chase flashing works

    Major Gutter Repair Solutions

    If any major defects or issues are identified during planned gutter maintenance, we promise to report these to the customer in writing within 7 days, following the completion of the gutter cleaning works. All correspondence concerning identification of damages and commercial gutter repair, will be accompanied by digital photographs as supporting evidence.

    Major gutter repairs can cover a wide range of solutions to solve extensive damage to downspouts, guttering and surrounding surfaces. Commercial gutter repair services include joint resealing and gutter surface treatment, in cases where the galvanised steel has been identified as corroded, flaking and brittle.

    We strive to offer the most economical option for any works identified, using products and treatments with an extended longevity, where damage to the gutter surface can be resolved. Where damage to the guttering and surrounding areas is too extensive to be treated, a gutter lining system may be recommended to rectify the issue.

    Honest, Affordable Solutions

    We aim to offer the most economical solution when undertaking gutter routine maintenance services. In most cases, we aim to undertake any unforeseen gutter maintenance and repairs works whilst we are on site, as soon as an issue has been identified. A pre-agreed price limit is set at the beginning of a contract, however, in any case where this has not been set, we will endeavour to seek authorisation to proceed with the gutter repairs prior to leaving the site.

    Gutter Maintenance Health & Safety

    At UK Gutter Maintenance Ltd, we place health and safety at the forefront of our organisation. All of our staff are trained to work at height safely, with regular internal training and ‘toolbox talks’. This allows us to ensure that all team members are performing routine maintenance in compliance with our health and safety practises. We operate with a permanent health and safety manager on site to guarantee that all gutter repairs are carried out safely and securely through the execution of frequent, unannounced audits to maintain our high standards. We hold a register of PPE equipment which is checked before use and tagged as necessary.

    Joint Sealing For Commercial Gutter Repair

    Industrial and commercial gutters are manufactured from galvanised steel, which are bolted or riveted together to create 3 metre length pieces, then sealed with mastic, with routine maintenance and gutter repairs aiming to reduce the risk of long term damage occurring. Joints can be easily repaired by regularly cleaning the joint followed by an application of primer and a new sealant.

    Our Customer Commitment

    At UK Gutters Maintenance Ltd, we strive to offer our customers the best value for money for all of our gutter cleaning and industrial gutter maintenance. We are always happy to provide a quotation for repairs to be rectified in line with your budget requirements, or alternatively we are happy to provide independently priced jobs on an ad hoc basis, simply contact us for a quote.

    Gutter Surface Treatments

    Over time, galvanised steel will begin to corrode and cause gutter damage such as rusting, flaking and ultimately, perforation. The corrosion, if left untreated, can degrade to such an extent that gutters will need to be plated or in worst case scenarios, replaced.

    Gutter repairs and surface treatments are determined by both the current condition of the gutters and downspouts, and the desired longevity. This can be determined by lease lengths on buildings, with the treatment application lasting the duration of shorter leases, or for owned property, you may require longer term solutions and regular gutter maintenance and upkeep. We offer a wide selection of treatments to fit your requirements, suitable for retail, commercial and industrial gutter repairs.


    UK Gutter Maintenance have proved to be a valuable supplier over the years in assisting us with our Planned Maintenance activities. By working closely together utilising existing data and their knowledge and experience, early identification of any potential faults have been rectified, resulting in minimal disruption to building occupiers.

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