Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have gutters cleaned and repaired?

We offer free quotes, but the number is based entirely on your properties and the required work. We wish we could share a figure that would cover everyone’s gutter repairs and gutter cleaning costs, but to make sure our service is best tailored to you and your requirements, we can’t give a quote till we get all the necessary details.

Please contact us to let us know what you’re looking for, whether that’s repairing gutters, cleaning commercial gutters or total gutter maintenance. This way, we can guarantee there are no surprise charges for commercial gutter cleaning added onto your bill, and you can know precisely what you’re getting before you commit.

The biggest difference between what we at UK Gutter Maintenance do and your standard gutter cleaning service is that we focus primarily on maintaining the gutters of commercial properties. That is to say, we would typically focus on large scale gutter maintenance as opposed to the gutters on a semi-detached.

We specialise in providing gutter maintenance to commercial properties of all shapes and sizes, including industrial and retail properties, hospitals, schools and universities. Regardless of your property, our specialist team will be able to meet your needs.

Our services include:

When we arrive at a site, we bring everything we’ll need with us, allowing us to carry out the necessary gutter maintenance and repairs. Often we’ll need cleaning equipment, using kit that’s powerful enough to blast through the dirt but won’t damage your roof or gutters.

When it comes to roof and gutter repairs, we also carry all the necessary tools to carry out maintenance. What we bring may also change depending on what you tell us when you contact us. Also, as standard, we use 16.5m liveried boom vans to ensure we can safely access your gutters.

While weeds in gutters may look pretty, they hinder your system’s ability to flow water away from your property effectively. Unfortunately, you can’t stop weeds from growing, per se, without committing to a regular gutter cleaning schedule.

Weeds usually appear during the summer months. Bird droppings (containing seeds) can begin accumulating in the organic debris already built up in your property’s guttering. Once you see weeds starting to appear, contact your local gutter cleaning professional, who will be able to clear any detritus from the system.

Suppose it doesn’t take a lot of rain for your gutters to start overflowing. In that case, it’s a sign that your gutters likely have an obstruction or blockage, that’s preventing water from flowing through the system correctly.

During periods of heavier rain, your gutters may overflow – even if they aren’t blocked – due to the volume of water and efficacy of your guttering. If you start noticing overflowing water, get in touch with your local gutter maintenance professional. They’re the ones qualified to work at height, and will be able to advise your next steps best!

Gutter guards can help direct rain from your roof back into your gutters (preventing the water from overshooting and bypassing the system).

If you feel your system has issues with overshooting water, contact us today. We’ll be able to advise you on how to proceed, and avoid the waterfall effect on your gutters!

Birds clean out gutters because they want to put gutter cleaning professionals out of a job…

…In all seriousness, birds and other wild animals find gutters an ideal source of shelter and sustenance. Guttering can provide adequate protection from predators, while also harbouring moss, which provides insects for birds to eat. Unfortunately, moss also absorbs rainwater and slows run-off – making it unwelcome in your system.

Remember, in no circumstance can you remove an occupied bird’s nest from your guttering system – it could result in a six-month prison sentence!

The easiest way to stop leaves blocking your gutters is to commit to regular gutter cleaning and maintenance. During routine cleaning and maintenance, guttering professionals will ensure your system is clear of debris, thus allowing water to flow through the system effectively.

Contact a gutter specialist before you get the ladders out to retrieve whatever has ended up in your gutters. After all, we’re the ones qualified to work at height! All of our contractors have undergone extensive training, to ensure that they’re working per the HSE Working at Height regulations and HSF33. UK Gutter Maintenance Ltd. has also achieved Altius, SafeContractor, CHAS and Constructionline approval.

To arrange a site visit call our National help desk on 01748 835 454 or fill out our form.