Emergency Gutter Repairs

At UK Gutter Maintenance Ltd, we understand that emergencies need to be addressed as quickly and effectively as possible. That is why we offer an emergency gutter repairs call-out service that operates nationwide to provide our customers with the best possible solution when problems occur. At UK Gutter Maintenance Ltd we pride ourselves on speed, reliability and practical on-site problem solving, in order to assess and manage the emergency gutter repair as efficiently as possible.

  • We react quickly and economically - not only fixing the problem but ensuring it does not occur again, offering you the best quality gutter repairs for your money
  • We operate across a range of commercial, retail and industrial properties, including schools, hospitals and universities - where emergencies can result in costly damages
  • We aim to react and respond to emergency gutter repair call outs that include running water onto electrics, within 24 hours
  • Other reactive jobs will be attended within 3-5 days, in line with the clients requirements, this can include; blocked outlets, leaking gutters, holes in roofs and leaks around flue collars and skylights
  • Our primary concern is assessing the situation and providing a quick and effective solution for all of our clients
Emergency Gutter Repairs

Our Customer Commitment

At UK Gutters Maintenance Ltd, we strive to offer our customers the best value for money when it comes to national gutter cleaning services and emergency gutter repairs. We always strive to provide the best quote for all planned and reactive gutter repairs and maintenance, to offer our customers the most economical solution where possible. If we attend an emergency gutter repair call out, we will also endeavour to provide a thorough gutter cleaning service to optimise the use of your time to the best of our ability.

Reliable & Fast Emergency Service

We have a large portfolio of nationally recognised companies who we regularly work with on both a reactive and routine basis. As a leading provider of emergency gutter repairs and maintenance, we recognise that some areas of the UK receive more adverse weather conditions, that are more likely to experience issues with their guttering as a result. We recognise that these clients are increasingly likely to require at height assistance for emergency gutter repairs due to operating in these geographical areas.

Reactive gutter maintenance comprises over 30% of our regular business activities. UK Gutter maintenance Ltd ensure that we are viewed as reliable and dedicated through being the only national gutter maintenance service to offer this type of service on such a broad scale.

Small Works Roof Repairs

As part of an ongoing gutter maintenance contract, we can offer an extensive array of specialist Commercial and Industrial Roof Repair and Maintenance services. As our experienced teams are fully trained to work-at-height and can identify roofing problems, we have seen a growing demand from our client base for this specialised service.

For any new clients we can offer just our commercial gutter cleaning services, or a combination to include your commercial and industrial roof repair needs. This roof repair work includes:

  • Commercial Skylight sealing and replacement works
  • Flue collar replacements and sealing of smoke vents
  • Cut edge corrosion treatment
  • Repairing and replacing loose and broken roof slates and tiles
  • Repairs to ridge and eaves cappings and lead chase flashing works

Emergency Response Team

Our reactive response teams are located nationwide, with all emergency gutter repairs attended to by one of our fully trained two-man teams in one of our Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPs). We have teams placed across the UK tending to planned gutter cleaning and maintenance work, who are also prepared to deal with emergency gutter repair, this results in economically sound rates for the majority of our reactive work. Our teams document all damages discovered during emergency gutter repairs and aim to present a report accompanied with digital photographs to our customers within one week of the works, which will also detail any further major defects or areas of concern.

Emergency Gutter Maintenance Health & Safety

Here at UK Gutter Maintenance Ltd, we put health and safety at the forefront of our operations, including emergency gutter maintenance call outs. We ensure that our entire team undergo frequent training and refresher courses that maintain our high standards, across the board. We ensure that every service we provide is carried out to the highest quality, including all emergency gutter maintenance operations. Our permanent in-house health and safety manager oversees every job that we attend, to ensure that safe working practices are adhered to at all times. All equipment that we use for emergency gutter repairs and maintenance services are registered prior to use and tagged as necessary.

To arrange a site visit call our National help desk on 01748 835 454 or fill out our form.