Industrial Gutter Repairs

For superior, professional industrial gutter repairs and maintenance services in the UK, look no further than UK Gutter Maintenance Ltd.

Industrial properties are often constructed from durable materials like steel and aluminium, designed to take whatever their occupants and the weather can throw at them. However, they are not impervious to gradual wear and tear, and when improperly maintained, both roofs and gutters can become in need of maintenance and repair.


When left unattended, industrial gutters can become blocked with debris. Whether carried by the wind or dropped by the rain, organic debris will gather and form a base for grasses to grow, blocking your gutters completely. Unable to drain away, rainwater then sits in the gutters, posing a very real and likely corrosion threat. The most common blockages we see in properties on industrial estates are:

  • Leaves
  • Sand
  • Grit
  • Birds Nests
  • Grasses
  • Plants
  • Litter
  • Broken Roof Tiles

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Industrial Gutter Repairs


Industrial buildings have a unique set of constraints that need to be taken into consideration before embarking upon a planned clean or emergency repair. Industrial roofs generally have a low pitch, because they’re constructed from sheet steel or aluminium, the surface area of each panel means there are usually far fewer points of entry for water ingress.

As a result, water run-off is slower, and when a roof is damaged or a gutter is blocked, this increases the risk of a leak through to the interior of the building. Often, a leak inside the building is a bigger issue on the exterior, and may well have been prevented had it been spotted at an earlier date.


Industrial gutters and roofs may well be built for longevity, but the fact of the matter is; metal rusts. Gutter corrosion is one of the most common issues faced by industrial buildings, and is one of, if not the most frequent repairs we see for leaking gutters.

Whilst we do offer a reliable emergency gutter repair service, so often, those repairs wouldn’t be necessary if regular gutter maintenance were in place. The standing water from blocked gutters rusts away the metal when leftover time. Couple that with the added weight of debris and standing water, and a rusted gutter could bend, buckle and break.

Leaking or broken gutters can allow water to run down the walls of your building, increasing the chance of ingress. Additionally, this can saturate your foundations, leading to damp issues in the long run.


Planned preventative maintenance is the only guaranteed way to avoid nasty surprises that come from blocked gutters and damaged roofs. At UK Gutter Maintenance, we’re huge advocates of preventing a blocked gutter becoming an issue, or spotting a roof repair whilst carrying out a PPM clean before it has a chance to worsen.

When undertaking a planned clean at an industrial property, there are key considerations to keep front-of-mind that only an experienced gutter maintenance company would know. Whether there are trees near your property, you are in a coastal region and nesting birds need to be considered, or whether your industrial building is particularly high: we are equipped to do the job safely and professionally.


We provide a professional and reliable service for industrial gutter cleaning, maintenance and repair, across the UK. Our operative teams are fully accredited to work at height, holding IPAF and PASMA cards as well as first aid certifications, ensuring that health and safety is at the forefront of our approach. We use various machinery and equipment to access the commercial sites, this will be determined by our Health & Safety manager beforehand.

We’ll take into consideration the layout of your building, the type of roof and gutters you have, and where it is situated. Whether you’re on an industrial estate or surrounded by residential properties; we’ll know what to do.

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