What to look for when choosing an commercial gutter
cleaning company

Choosing to partner with a commercial gutter cleaning company can be a minefield. There are quite a few different companies out there, from nationwide contractors such as ourselves, to smaller sole-trader outlets, and just like any service, supplier, partner or contractor, you need to ensure that the company you select to clean your commercial property’s gutters is reputable and are up to delivering the service they say they can. That’s why we’ve written this piece on what to look for when making your choice.


Experience really can make the difference when it comes to commercial gutter cleaning. With years of experience comes familiarity, expertise and of course an excellent level of knowledge, and hopefully reputation too! Here at UK Gutter Maintenance, we have been delivering high quality service and expertise since 2008, with many of our staff having decades of experience in the industry.


Qualifications can be just as important as experience. Not only do they offer proof that the company or individual concerned is certified to be undertaking the task, but qualifications in the industry or sector also help offer you peace of mind that there has been accreditation from a specific governing body or regulator.


Communication is absolutely vital when it comes to choosing a contractor for any piece of work on your commercial or industrial premises. It starts right from the very moment you think about making an enquiry. Was the potential contractor easy to find on Google? Did their website offer you the information you need? Were their contact details easy to find? From then on, consider how quickly the company gets back to your enquiry, and how clear they are with their response. A personal touch is always a good sign, which usually means a phone call to whoever has enquired.


Of course, many decisions in life are based on finance, and choosing a commercial gutter cleaning contractor is no different for a lot of businesses. However, there is that old saying “you get what you pay for” and various others with a similar sort of sentiment… At UK Gutter Maintenance, our prices are reflective of our knowledge, skills and experience, as well as our all round service, whilst also aiming to ensure that we are competitive. This has served us well over the years, and is part of the reason why we’ve partnered with so many businesses, including several household names, over the years.

Case Studies, testimonials & reviews

Case Studies, testimonials and reviews are a brilliant indication of a business’ previous success and performance on jobs and tasks similar to the one you’re enquiring about. Any company worth their salt will be able to provide examples of previous work and a testimonial or review from the client. Some will even happily provide you with the contact details for the relevant contact at a previous job so you can hear it straight from the client directly! We have a number of testimonials from current and former clients available to read on our website, or for those looking for a little more detail, a selection of case studies too!

These are just five things to look for when choosing a commercial gutter cleaning company, but of course there may be some other elements which we’ve not mentioned in any great detail, such as the areas they cover and their appearance. Overall though, whatever your commercial gutter cleaning needs, UK Gutter Maintenance are here to help you.

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