How to make your commercial premises more welcoming
to visitors

They say first impressions are everything. In fact, some studies have shown that 55% of first impressions are visual, meaning that it’s more important than ever to make sure your business’ premises look the part when visitors come to your site. That’s why we’re presenting you with a few tips on how to make your commercial premises more welcoming to visitors, not only in 2023 but far beyond too!

Keep your roof and gutters clean.

Naturally, we start with keeping your roof clean and your gutters free from debris. You may think that your visitors won’t look up or inspect your roof and guttering…but they’ll almost certainly look up if they get dripped on by a leaking gutter or a loose piece of moss falls on their nice clean blazer! You need to ensure that your premises receives routine gutter maintenance so that gutters don’t become clogged up with various bits of foliage, and that your roof is regularly cleaned, reducing the risk of bits falling off into the gutters.

Clean your windows

Many commercial premises have large windows to let lots of natural light into the building, particularly if it’s a retail store or an office on an industrial park. Keep your windows free from bird droppings, grime and fingerprints and schedule in regular window cleaning.

Keep your car park in good condition.

Nobody visiting your premises wants to be weaving in and out the way of potholes which could potentially cause damage to their vehicle, driving over lots of loose gravel or struggling to find a proper parking space due to a lack of marked bays. Car parks also often find themselves full of litter which flies out of peoples cars on windy days, so make sure that any loose bits are picked up and disposed of in the proper manner. Remember, car parks are often the first thing a visitor experiences when they turn up at your premises, so it’s absolutely vital that it’s free from potholes, litter, leaves and overgrown weeds!

Make all signage clear and obvious!

Your visitor has potentially gone to great lengths to come and see you, possibly by driving for considerable time, and so the last thing they’re going to want to do is to try to locate the right unit or office. This is not only incredibly frustrating for them, but it also could be wasting precious time which they could be spending with you. Make sure your business is signposted as accurately and as obviously as possible, and try to offer signage well in advance of them having to make a manoeuvre such as turning into an industrial estate.

Provide a warm and welcoming reception area.

When a visitor has driven a long time or caught multiple trains, buses and taxis to come and see you, they’re going to want to be welcomed into a comfortable reception area and greeted in a professional and friendly manner. It could be a great idea to build a reception area which has comfortable seating, beverages are offered and that clear instructions are given if needed, such as how to sign in and out, where emergency exits are, and any PPE which has to be worn whilst on site. Also, consider the temperature of both the reception, and the building as a whole; visitors want to be comfortable and not freezing cold due to overenthusiastic air conditioning or boiling hot due to faulty heating systems!

So there we have five key things to consider when making your premises more welcoming to visitors! If you need help in making your commercial property more appealing by having its roof cleaned or its gutters cleared, then we are here to help! Get in touch with us today by calling 01748 835 454 or send an email to

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