University of Sunderland

The Estates Department of Sunderland University made contact with us following a mailshot we sent to them back in 2010. At that time they were aware that the Campus buildings were in need of a gutter clean and some minor repairs and were surprised to find that a company existed who specialised in this type of work.

Following discussions at their offices, we were requested to carry out a detailed survey and submit a quotation based on a selection of their buildings where they had known problems. Our quotation was accepted and our relationship with the University began.

Having been impressed with the work we carried out a year earlier, the Estates Department offered us a three-year contract in 2011, following a decision to carry out more extensive gutter cleaning activities. We were successful in the tendering process and are currently part way through completing a further long term contract.

The University has a number of large, diverse and complicated buildings leading to a requirement for us to hire in several specialist pieces of access equipment, something we are always happy to do to accommodate a contract. Many of the buildings are also in the centre of the city and require early morning or weekend cleans to avoid traffic issues.

As Sunderland University is a large and busy place we aim to undertake work out of term time, however, it is inevitable that at any time of the year there will be students in and around the buildings, either in residence or taking advance studies. We know that the key is flexibility and regular communication to ensure we avoid interrupting the students during their studies or indeed their examinations. As will all our clients, we always work around their needs and take into consideration the functionality of the buildings we are working on, knowing that it is this consideration which keeps our clients coming back.

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