In recent months UK Gutter Maintenance Ltd. have been awarded the gutter cleaning contact for Evri, formerly known as Hermes. Evri have over 40 depots across the UK and operate 24/7, meaning fulfilling their contract posed some logistical issues, particularly in regards to physically being able to access the gutters on the buildings.

Despite our initial reservations, everything has gone remarkably smoothly. This is primarily due to our planning, organisation and communication.

With works such as those we carry out for Evri, all our teams are routed on a weekly basis and as soon as their work is programmed in our General Manager telephones the Evri Depot Managers to inform them of our date and time of arrival. This level of organisation and advanced warning is warmly welcomed by Evri. In return the Managers have been more than accommodating with us, probably due to the fact, as with many of our site clients, they are just delighted the gutters are being cleaned, always doing their best to ensure trailers and parked vehicles, which might have otherwise prohibited us from accessing the gutters, have a been moved.

In a short space of time we have built up a fantastic relationship with Evri, who, like all of our clients, are happy with the work we do and appreciative of the level of consideration we give to them.

Nevertheless in some instances we have had to be innovative in cleaning gutter runs that are inaccessible due to obstructions, or lack of access caused by the proximity to railway lines; adjoining properties and/or adjacent to busy roads. We overcome these problems, where there is no safety wire system installed by deploying dead weight anchor devices, either our own or hired in, enabling us work on unprotected roof edges whilst safely roped and harnessed to these devices.

Evri's buildings vary in age and design, with the main depots commonly being large with huge steel sheeted roofs incorporating long lengths of guttering and because of what Evri do it is important that they remain watertight.

All clients receive before and after photographs and a brief report on the condition of their roofs and gutters following a gutter clean and the Facilities Manager of Evri is extremely impressed with this reporting process and the feedback we provide.

To arrange a site visit call our National help desk on 01748 835 454 or fill out our form.