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Your Gutters vs The Weather: Is your property prepared?

Summer is nearly here. And, while you might be looking forward to the days getting longer and the temperatures getting warmer, it doesn’t mean that your gutters still can’t suffer.

Summer may be a typically warmer and drier season, but that doesn’t mean that the weather still can’t take its toll on your gutters without you noticing. Summer storms can bring with them heavy rain, hail and strong winds throughout June, July and August. Simply, your property could take a battering at any time – and your gutters are the first line of defence.

So, as we head towards the warmer months, make sure to follow our top tips (in regards to gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance, anyway) to ensure that your gutters and commercial or industrial property are prepared for anything mother nature throws at them.

Organise routine gutter maintenance this summer

In order to avoid any of the problems associated with poor gutter maintenance (like the growth of damp, mould and rot) it’s essential to keep an eye on your gutters all year round – even in summer.

The drier months give any facilities manager the perfect opportunity to schedule regular gutter maintenance. Carrying out routine gutter maintenance during the drier months can help prepare your gutters for autumn and winter – while making sure they’re working at their best during the unpredictable British summer.

Here at UK Gutters, we offer a range of high-quality gutter maintenance services, that can be tailored to suit the needs of any of our clients. During a service, we can carry out a range of minor repair works if they are needed, which can include:

Carry out gutter repairs during the warmer months

Summer is a great time to find out what’s happening with your gutters – meaning that you can organise any gutter repairs that may have occurred since your last routine gutter clean.

When the weather improves, it should be easy to determine any problems that have previously gone undetected – serious issues can easily be seen from the ground. Carrying out gutter maintenance can also ensure that any problems are highlighted as soon as they are discovered, and can be easily rectified.

If disaster strikes and you find your property needs a repair quickly, don’t forget about UK Gutters’ fast, reactive emergency gutter repair callout service. We aim to react and respond to all of our emergency gutter repair callouts (including running water onto electrics) within 24 hours.

Booking a gutter clean takes 10 minutes

You should be conducting gutter cleaning on a biannual basis. Electing to carry out gutter cleaning during the summer months can ensure that your gutters are working at their best when the autumn leaves start falling. A few days of warm weather can dry out any debris and blockages in your gutters, meaning that they can be removed from gutters, pipes and downspouts with ease.

Booking a gutter clean with UK Gutters couldn’t be easier – it only takes ten minutes. Our gutter cleaning services rely on the quick and efficient removal of the dirt and debris that accumulates in your gutters over time.

The buildup of waste – whether it be natural or man-made – can quickly become problematic for your property, and increases the likelihood of your property needing an emergency gutter repair. Plus, regular gutter cleaning can help improve the longevity of your gutters, meaning they won’t need replacing as often.

To summarise…

Regular gutter cleaning, paired with routine gutter maintenance can help protect both your property and its guttering from the elements. Choosing to invest in gutter maintenance during the warmer and drier summer months can help reduce the likelihood of your property needing an emergency gutter repair when the bad weather truly arrives in winter.

UK Gutter Maintenance Ltd offers a range of gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance services. To find out more about the gutter cleaning services available in your local area, call us on 0800 046 1376 or drop us an email at info@ukgutters.co.uk.