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What’s hiding in your gutters?

We’ve been gutter cleaning for years but that doesn’t stop us being surprised by what we find lurking in there from time to time. When something unusual turns up it always reminds us that you can never assume your gutters are fine. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, all sorts of things can be building up and blocking your outlets – even children’s shoes! These blockages are a disaster waiting to happen, threatening the integrity of your gutter and could lead to damage of the building and its contents.

On a recent job, we came across this pretty pink shoe blocking an outlet. Our first thought was to wonder how someone didn’t notice their child’s shoes was missing, our second thought was how it ended up in a gutter on Greyhound Retail Park – a very over zealous kick perhaps?

If you’ve read our blog on the top five things that could be in your gutters you’ll know that leaves are the least of your worries. From tennis balls and toys to plastic bottles and moss, you’ll be surprised by the things that can make their way up there. While you may spend time speculating over how a shoe got into the gutter in the first place, the most important question is what damage has it been causing?

Blocked outlets lead to gutters not being able to divert water away from buildings in the way they’re designed to, leading to damage to the roof, leaks and worst case – water dripping into the foundations threatening the safety of the whole building. No matter how far-fetched it might seem, the only way to make sure there aren’t any shoes, toys, bottles or anything else blocking your gutter is to get a team of trained maintenance workers up on the roof to have a look – that’s where we come in.

When we start a cleaning job we always wonder what we might find up there – it really could be anything. To date no diamond rings or lost pirate gold… but we can always hope (and wouldn’t be all that surprised).