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Winter gutter maintenance: what you need to know

We’re officially heading towards the self-dubbed most wonderful time of the year.

Forecasters are predicting a white Christmas this year, and, while it may feel like we hear these headlines every year, there is one system that isn’t going to be looking forward to a covering of snow: your gutters.

As gutter cleaning professionals, we know that gutter maintenance is essential all year round. But, it is imperative when disruptive or inclement weather is forecast. In a year that was dominated (at the beginning, anyway) by one of the harshest storm seasons to date, getting your gutters ready for bad weather is crucial.

If you remain unconvinced by the importance of gutter maintenance, we’ll overlook it (just this once), and have put together a few pointers that will hopefully change your mind:

Bad weather = disaster for poorly-maintained gutters

Thankfully, we haven’t had an unusually wet autumn, so your guttering system won’t have taken a battering (like was seen in 2019). The lack of rain will have contributed to autumn leaves and other debris not being washed away.

As we’ve said in the past, leaving debris in your gutters at this time of year is less than ideal, and can be catastrophic if we get spells of bad weather in December (or beyond). Your guttering system acts as your property’s first line of defence against weather systems – especially disruptive ones.

If your system fails this winter, and your building is subject to damage, it is worth keeping in mind that your insurance company won’t payout, if it’s found that the damage occurred as a result of poor or irregular gutter maintenance.

Preventative maintenance is key

Preventative gutter maintenance is the solution to your guttering woes, all year round.

If you enlist the help of gutter professionals for your gutter maintenance (which we would wholly recommend – we are the ones qualified to work at height), then you’re now in a bit of a race against time – we want to be able to slot you in before the temperature drops.

By carrying out routine maintenance work, you can rest assured, knowing that your system is clear of detritus, and will be working hard to draw water away from your property (which can also prevent the growth of damp, and protect the structural integrity of your building).

We would also recommend that all our clients look at the condition of their loft (if the property has one). Keeping your loft well-insulated can help keep snow-related problems (like frozen gutters) at bay – and stop them from freezing in the first place.

Keep bad luck at bay with our help

It’s a well-known fact by now that autumn is by far the most challenging time of the year for your system. Unfortunately, winter comes in at a close second.

To keep bad luck at bay (and hopefully prevent disaster), we would wholeheartedly recommend carrying out routine gutter maintenance at the end of autumn. This will mean the leaves have stopped falling and the winds have died down. Once we can clear your gutter system of all waste (knowing that the likelihood of it accumulating more is slim), we know that your gutters will be ready to face whatever is heading our way this winter. And, in 2020, that could be anything!

Here at UK Gutters, we take pride in our gutter maintenance services. Conducting regular gutter maintenance will reduce the likelihood of your system needing attention over the winter months, while also increasing the longevity of your system. It’s a win, win, in our eyes!

Don’t forget about your roof!

Not only can the winter months wreak havoc on your guttering, but it can be a bad time for your roof, too.
Especially as we head into the cold weather, gutter problems can quickly escalate into more serious roof problems. And, since your roof is a vital part of your property’s structure, keeping an eye on it (for leaks, or new damp), will ensure you have the best chance of rectifying issues as soon as they appear.

By taking a “prevention over cure” approach with your gutter maintenance, we can guarantee that both your gutters and roof will be more than ready to take on this winter.

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are continuing our operations as normal, providing routine gutter maintenance for businesses across the country. To help avoid disaster this winter, get in touch today on 0800 046 1376, or contact us at info@ukgutters.co.uk. We’re more than happy to help!