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Why your business should carry out a gutter clean in the Autumn

When companies review their external building fabric, gutters are often forgotten about as they cannot be seen. As a consequence there is no planned maintenance regime put into place and we find we often receive calls from businesses or organisations that actually have a problem that needs resolving immediately, but could have been avoided.

Companies should really be pro-active and the majority of businesses should incorporate a gutter clean as part of their winter risk management and maintenance programme, as soon as the leaves have fallen from the trees. The cost implications of blocked and overflowing gutters can be immense and can cause major disruption to their business with flooding, which can lead to subsequent stock and equipment damage and even the potential of a fire if the water reaches electrics.

Leaves in gutters

As a result many insurance companies are now specifying that companies have a regular planned maintenance programme in place and indeed may even lower premiums.

What typically would a gutter maintenance package include?

A commercial gutter maintenance contract would typically include a full gutter clean ideally by hand, ensuring that all outlets are free flowing and an attempt to unblock any blocked outlets as a matter of course during the clean.

Blocked gutters

Following the clean we would then assess the condition of the gutters and roof and if necessary undertake any minor remedials whilst on site.

We then supply a concise report, advising of the condition of the gutters, together with any major remedials identified. All this will be accompanied by before and after photographs of the works undertaken.

If you think your business’ gutters need cleaning then call our team. We are offering a 20% discount off your first clean booked between October and December 2013.