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Summer gutter maintenance: Why you shouldn’t neglect your guttering during good weather

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of your building’s guttering system – especially during periods of dry and warm weather.

Even though your gutters may not be needed as often during the summer months, keeping them in peak condition is vital to guarantee their performance during the winter, when inclement weather is common.

With autumn and winter just around the corner, taking the time now to carry out gutter maintenance in addition to any remedial work that is needed can be pivotal for avoiding disaster later in the year.   

Summer gutter maintenance prepares your property for bad weather

Carrying out an inspection of your property’s guttering from the ground while the weather is pleasant can be a great indication of their status. By identifying problems quickly, our team will be able to advise best on how to proceed with any gutter maintenance or gutter repairs that are needed.

During a routine gutter maintenance service, our teams can carry out minor gutter repairs, if they are needed. By repairing holes, realigning downspouts and fixing leaking joints, we can help guarantee the longevity of your guttering while protecting the structural integrity of your property. 

At UK Gutters, we offer a range of high-quality gutter maintenance services that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business and building. 

Organising summer gutter cleaning is fast and convenient

Summer is the perfect season to address the condition of your property’s guttering – and booking gutter cleaning with UK Gutters only takes a few minutes

Typically, the summer months are more settled than their counterparts spring and autumn. Prolonged periods of dry and warm weather provide many facilities managers with the opportunity to carry out thorough gutter cleaning, which can be vital in preparing your building for the coming cold months.

As we’ve said before, you should be conducting gutter cleaning on a biannual basis. Summer gutter cleaning can clear away any debris – organic or otherwise – that has accumulated over the spring. Here at UK Gutters, our gutter cleaning services can quickly remove any problematic waste problems before they escalate into more serious issues. 

Carrying out gutter repairs in summer is safer

We’re committed to working safely and responsibly – which is why we believe that summer is the perfect time to conduct any gutter repairs that are needed. 

We’ve covered why you should invest in a gutter repair service that will prioritise health and safety in the past. At UK Gutters, our staff have all undergone comprehensive training and appraisals to ensure they are working in-line with HSE Working at Height regulations and HSG33. Health and safety is of utmost importance to us, meaning you can rest assured that your gutter repairs are being carried out by the experts.

Periods of good weather make carrying out gutter repairs safer. We can carry out our services quickly and efficiently without putting yourself, your business or your workforce at risk. We would never work at height in unsafe conditions – which is something you’re more likely to experience as the weather turns.  

To summarise…

Even though you may feel like your gutters demand less attention during the summer months, it’s essential to keep in mind the fact that autumn and winter will soon come around. Taking the time now to complete routine gutter maintenance can help protect your property against a host of problems later in the year. 

At UK Gutters, our teams provide routine gutter maintenance and regular gutter cleaning for businesses large or small. For more information about servicing your gutters this summer, call us on 0800 046 1376, or email us at info@ukgutters.co.uk.