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A gutter horror story – why you should never leave them untreated

Out of sight out of mind is not a philosophy you should ever apply to your gutters. If left problems rarely stay the same and never get any better. On a recent job we got a stark reminder of what can happen if you leave your gutters untreated. Here General Manager Rusty explains exactly what they found:

“In March 2012 we were asked to provide a quote to treat gutters but as the quote was never authorised we presumed the work had been carried out by others, as you can see this wasn’t the case. When we went up recently to (carefully) clean the gutters that were still remaining we ended up removing three bags of rust particles. The gutters had completely rotted away in the rear corner and as the below photograph shows, the gutter flashing was just hanging as what it was originally attached to had completely rotted away. It’s unfortunate that this had slipped through the net as it will now be quite expensive to install brand new gutters.


We very carefully swept the remaining sections of the gutter as these were very fragile and are on the brink of going the same way as the above. Fortunately, the gutters are outboard so they aren’t creating leaks into the store. This said, as you can see in the picture below, the rain water is running down the brick work and will cause the pointing to deteriorate and eventually damp will penetrate the building.


In addition, if the front gutter develops the same problems it has the potential to cause a health and safety issue during the winter months if the water freezes. Algae could also build up round the building if the constant water dripping is not stopped. This could become slippery for customers walking around.

The Cut Edge Corrosion is quite bad in some areas and needs treating sooner rather than later. It would make sense to have it done at the same time as replacing the gutters as the access equipment would already be in-situ.”

If you want to avoid this happening to your gutters make sure you give us a call. We’ll always carry out any gutter repairs we find need doing when we’re cleaning. This saves you both time and money and means the chances of your gutters ending up like the ones above are kept to an absolute minimum. For more on keeping your roof in tip top condition please click here.