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Why wet weather can be bad for business

In May 2021, it felt as though people were no longer checking to see if it would rain, but rather, how long it would rain for. As one of the wettest Mays in years, it’s no exaggeration to say that gutters up and down the country have been hard at work. Similarly, as lockdown restrictions ease in the UK, many businesses and shops are reopening for the first time in months, much to the delight of owners and shoppers alike.

With the general population keen to get out of the house and return to some semblance of normality, people would have lined up outside shops even if they needed to bring rubber dinghies but leaking roofs on industrial and retail units could delay an already delayed opening.

A drain on your resources

While we all expected this month’s weather to be a lot sunnier as spring was set to come out in full force, most of the time, it felt more like winter, the worst month for wreaking havoc on guttering systems.

It’s well worth revisiting our blog that covers some of the telltale signs that tend to accompany broken or blocked gutters to refresh your memory on what to look out for when inspecting your current property.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Water should be flowing through your gutter, not over it. If water is pouring over the edges, there’s a good chance there’s a blockage up there, a sure-fire way for problems down the line.
  2. You shouldn’t need to weed your gutters. If there’s a clog made up of organic waste, there’s a higher risk plant life will begin to sprout. While it’s all well and good being green-fingered, green-roofed is generally a sign of poor maintenance!
  3. Your gutters shouldn’t be showing any strain. If you can spot any broken brackets or any loose screws, you really ought to get your gutters seen to straight away! Anything that falls off of your roof will be bad for business but even worse for anyone stood underneath.

Whipping up a storm

Not to be outdone by the rain, gale force winds (and sometimes the snow or hail) made regular appearances throughout May, presenting further problems for guttering and roofs. With strong winds hammering your gutters, any loose brackets or screws are only going to become looser. The added concern of any debris that shouldn’t be there is only going to compound the issue, pushing fixtures to breaking points.

It’s also good to be aware that any existing gutter issues are only likely to get worse as time passes, which makes getting them fixed, or even periodically checked, the best way to avoid a hefty surprise bill.

So, with everyone looking forward to getting out more, it might be a good time to pay attention to the state of your gutters; with all the wet weather exacerbating any potential issues you may be having, you don’t want your gutters to be a reason to dampen anyone’s spirits.