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Why should you organise gutter maintenance this spring?

Spring is here, and we, like many others, are looking forward to a period of much calmer conditions. Believe us – it’s far easier to carry out your gutter maintenance and cleaning when we’re not contending with gale-force winds and heavy rain!

Unfortunately, the turbulent weather isn’t quite behind us yet. As we move into the spring months, colder temperatures will collide with the coming warm weather – leaving us more susceptible to thunderstorms. The strong winds aren’t fully behind us yet, either. 

Prepare for spring with necessary commercial gutter repairs

After the harsh winter of 2019/20, we’ve seen the country battered by violent winter storms, gales and heavy rain. As we covered in our last blog, commercial gutter repairs are often required as a result of poor gutter maintenance

Undetected issues can quickly escalate during periods of adverse weather – meaning that your gutters may have sustained damage without your knowledge. 

Here at UK Gutters, we recommend carrying out gutter maintenance on a biannual basis, to keep your commercial property’s guttering functioning properly. As part of our routine gutter maintenance services, we can also carry out remedial commercial gutter repairs, in addition to minor roof repairs, which are offered to both new and pre-existing customers.  

Prevent damage with regular gutter maintenance

By completing routine gutter maintenance and cleaning during the spring months, you’ll be adequately preparing your gutters for the rest of the year. 

As we’ve said before, conducting regular gutter maintenance is crucial for prolonging the longevity of your gutters. Not only is regular gutter maintenance key to avoiding costly emergency gutter repairs, but it will also protect the structural integrity of your commercial property. 

It’s always worth remembering that the gutters on your commercial property serve as the first line of defence against more severe gutter problems. If water is unable to flow away from your property effectively, then you’re opening your business up to a whole host of easily avoidable issues – like mould and damp.   

Detect serious problems, like corrosion, early

If gutter issues are ignored, it can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your property. If this occurs, then your gutters may need more than just commercial gutter repairs – they may need replacing entirely. 

If you’ve noticed small cracks appearing on the surface of your gutters, unexplained paint peeling (on both the inside and outside of your commercial property), or new water damage, then it may be a sign that your gutters are suffering from corrosion.

As we head into spring, it’s to be expected that your gutters will be suffering a little – especially in light of last winter. Your gutters will have been accumulating dirt and debris for months – so it’s only natural that they should require cleaning before April showers set in. After all – it’s best to prevent problems, instead of continually rectifying them. 

A quick update from UK Gutters…

During these uncertain times, we’d like to reassure our friends and clients that we are very much operating as usual, and carrying out our processes in line with the latest government advice. Virus or no virus – your gutters still need maintenance and cleaning! 

Here at UK Gutters, we offer professional gutter maintenance services, suitable for properties with a range of uses. To find out more about the gutter cleaning services available in your local area, call us on 0800 046 1376, or by emailing us at info@ukgutters.co.uk.