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Why is school gutter cleaning important over the holidays?

Scheduling gutter cleaning during term-time may seem like a daunting or even unachievable task, which is why making the most of the breaks for school gutter cleaning is so essential for facilities managers.

The benefits of regular gutter cleaning far outweigh the potential problems leaving them may cause. Listed below are the most important reasons to consider.

Preventing costly issues

Unserviced gutters can cause a whole host of problems, but one to seriously consider is the costly outcomes. Without regular gutter cleaning being implemented at your school, the water damage that may ensue (such as damp and mould) aren’t covered by most insurance companies.

The longer faulty guttering is left, the greater the damage it will cause. Structural problems to your buildings may occur if left untreated, and with that, the integrity of the contents – whether material or otherwise – may be at risk. By considering servicing your gutters in the school holidays, any problems that may arise from unserviced gutters can be sorted efficiently.

UK Gutters promise to keep prices fair, so make the pledge to regular school gutter cleaning today.

Keeping staff and students safe

As mentioned above, any severely blocked gutters can cause serious structural damage and put staff and students’ wellbeing at risk.

Besides, the water damage and mould that may ensue from a lack of school gutter cleaning may also contribute to ill health in the forms of allergens, irritants, and even asthma attacks.

Gutters that have not been frequently serviced are a real health and safety hazard, and can easily be prevented with the routine school gutter cleaning that UK Gutters offers. By scheduling these during the quieter school times, you are prioritising the health of all individuals.

Maintaining your building’s appearance

Without regular school gutter cleaning, your buildings’ may probably experience unsightly repercussions such as damp and rot. These displeasing aesthetics may tarnish the professional reputation you are trying to convey to parents, and cause negative consequences.

With the weather being as unpredictable as it has been recently, it is more than likely that leaves, debris and rubbish will have found their way into your guttering, affecting their draining capabilities. By getting in touch with UK Guttering for a quick and easy consultation for your routine school gutter maintenance, you can prevent any serious issues that may follow.

To summarise…

By prioritising professional gutter cleaning services such as ours, you are putting your school and faculty first.

UK Gutters can help uphold your school’s reputation, and commit to helping prevent any damages that occur due to infrequent gutter cleaning. Organising your appointments to fall outside of term times is quick, easy and convenient – all without putting staff and students at risk.

Here at UK gutters, we pride ourselves on being speedy, professional and efficient! So, don’t hesitate to book your routine school gutter maintenance with us today on 0800 046 1376 or info@ukgutters.co.uk.