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Why is hiring a gutter cleaning professional a great idea?

When it comes to commercial gutter cleaning it’s crucial that you hire a professional individual or company such as ourselves to do it. There are many reasons for this, ranging from the knowledge and experience which comes with hiring a professional through to the specialist equipment which they’ll have available to them.

Exceptional expertise…

Gutter cleaning professionals are likely to have considerable experience in the field, and with that brings knowledge and gutter cleaning expertise. For example, here at UK Gutter Maintenance, we’ve been going for more than 14 years, meaning we have a fantastic knowledge of commercial gutter cleaning and roof maintenance and all of our staff are experts in the field.

Specialist equipment…

All gutter cleaning professionals will have specialist equipment available to them, from ladders to jet washes and everything in between. Not only this, but here at UK Gutter Maintenance, all of our operatives have also undergone comprehensive training and appraisals to ensure that we work in accordance with the HSE Working at Height regulations and HSG33, and we have achieved Altius, SafeContractor, CHAS, and Constructionline approval. This demonstrates our commitment to health and safety, as well as the confidence we have in our operatives to use the tools they have available to them in a safe and courteous manner, and in the correct environment.

Can I climb on my roof to clean gutters?

We would strongly advise that you do not attempt to clean your gutters yourself. It presents a real risk to your own health and safety, as you will not have the correct equipment, which includes safety gear, such as hard hats and harnesses, and the correct way of accessing the gutter. At UK Gutter Maintenance, all of our operatives are fully trained and have a range of ladders and cherry picker vans available to them to access your roof safely in order to carry out routine maintenance of your gutters or roof.

Are gutter cleaning services necessary?

We’re often asked whether gutter cleaning services are necessary, and the simple answer is yes! There are a number of benefits to having your gutters cleaned on a regular basis, such as minimising damage to your roof and extending its lifespan, stopping them getting clogged up and overflowing and reducing inhabitation from animals and insects. Without routine gutter cleaning and roof maintenance, your gutters could suffer from damage leading to expensive roof or gutter repairs…or worse, replacement!

How much does gutter replacement cost?

The cost of gutter replacement can vary greatly depending on the amount of guttering needed and the required material. For a domestic property, gutter replacement is typically between £750 – £1000, but as mentioned above, this will vary depending on whether you’d like uPVC, steel, aluminium or copper gutters for example, and the length of guttering required. For commercial premises, the cost is likely to be significantly higher than this.

How to find trustworthy roof cleaning services…

We know it can be a minefield out there when it comes to finding a reliable, trustworthy roof cleaning or gutter maintenance service, but now you’re here, you don’t need to look any further! Why not have a read of our Case Studies and learn more about the work we’ve undertaken for some of the largest names in the UK? Then, when you’re ready, talk to UK Gutter Maintenance today to get your free, no-obligation quote for commercial gutter maintenance.

So, there we have a few reasons as to why hiring a gutter cleaning professional is a good idea, along with some information on what could happen if you don’t take your gutter cleaning seriously!

If you’d like some more information, or would like to get a free quote, then get in touch with us today by visiting our contact page, emailing us directly, or giving us a call on 0800 046 1376.