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When commercial gutter maintenance becomes gardening!

Here at UK Gutter Maintenance, we’re no stranger to the odd bit of shrubbery hidden in and amongst the guttering and rooftops of some of the commercial properties we visit. You may remember the time a man-sized tree was fully rooted within some guttering we visited.

Well, this autumn/winter has been no stranger to foliage, and we’re beginning to feel like part time gardeners as opposed to commercial gutter maintenance and repair specialists! This particular example featured substantial plant growth within the hopper, which resulted in a full hopper blockage, which i’m sure you can imagine is not good!

When we refer to the ‘hopper’ – we refer to the open box at the top of a downpipe, which collects and channels water from guttering or pipes at a high level. As this is open, it is obviously much more susceptible to blockages – particularly during the autumn and winter months with the seasonal increase in leaves and water.

If left unresolved, a blocked hopper could result in water backing up and overflowing, which can cause a multitude of structural compromises to the building. Most commonly, this could make walls and ceilings damp, stained or slimy with potential mould growth. Overflowing water can also cause more serious corrosion issues and potentially cause a roof to collapse all together if left untreated.

How can you prevent this kind of thing from happening to your commercial property?

Ensure you have an annual commercial gutter cleaning and maintenance check! We’ll inspect the property, highlight any potential issues and inform you of our intended repairs and the procedures necessary to do so. We’re also qualified in conducting small industrial roof repairs, which means we can replace and repair a variety of issues on the same day!

To arrange a site visit, or to enquire further about our services call our National help desk on 01748 529 154 or email us on info@ukgutters.co.uk