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What to do if you need a gutter repair

Is your industrial or commercial property in need of a gutter repair?

With the end of the Government’s Stay at Home messaging on the horizon (and many workers subsequently poised to return to work), some workplaces will have had little-to-no human contact in over a year.

And, while twelve months shouldn’t have caused any long-term issues for a property with a regularly-cleaned and well-maintained gutter system, the same can’t be said for properties with neglected guttering.

So, as you begin to plan the return to work, here’s what to do if you think your property needs a gutter repair:

Step 1: Identify the issue

Gutter problems can quickly become deep-rooted and contribute to several less-than-ideal issues – including damp, mould and rot (which can pose a severe health and safety risk to employees), and structural integrity issues.

So, after a period of inclement weather, look up: if you can see overflowing water, leaking joints, missing brackets or gutter sections – then that’s a clear sign that your system requires a gutter repair.

If you can see free-flowing water around live electrical cables, contact a gutter repair professional immediately.

Step 2: Organise a gutter repair

Once you’ve identified the issue with your system, then it’s time to contact a professional gutter maintenance company (like UK Gutters) and organise a gutter repair.

To organise a gutter repair, you can fill out the emergency repair form on our website. From there, a member of our team will get in touch with you to determine the exact nature of your gutter repair.

We understand that gutter repairs need to be addressed as quickly and effectively as possible – especially if it poses a significant health and safety risk to your employees.

Step 3: Leave it to the professionals

Here at UK Gutters, we aim to react and respond to emergency gutter repair call outs (including running water onto electrics) within twenty-four hours. Typical gutter repairs – such as blocked outlets, leaking gutters, holes in roofs and leaks around flue collars and skylights – will be attended within five working days of being reported.

Moreover, as part of your system’s gutter repair, we will also endeavour to provide a thorough gutter cleaning service. This will help us optimise the use of your time to the best of our ability, and also offer peace of mind as we head towards inevitable April showers!

If you’ve previously invested in a national gutter cleaning contract, we will prioritise your emergency repair. To find out more about the benefits of investing in a national gutter cleaning contract, check out our latest blog.

Gutter problems? It’s not the weather’s fault:

After a winter packed with inclement weather, your gutters are probably feeling a little worse for wear – and that’s even with regular gutter cleaning and maintenance. The risks associated with leaving your system in poor condition through winter are regularly lauded – so, if the worst has happened, the key now is to prevent it from happening again. Following the three simple steps above can help future proof your system against any further disasters.

If you have a gutter problem you’ve been avoiding, never fear. Please get in touch today. Still not sure if we’re the ones to call? Check out our case studies.