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University accommodation gutter cleaning – are you prepared?

Each September marks the beginning of students old and new flocking to their chosen universities for another year. For many, it will be the first time they move into private, managed accommodation.

To ensure that students have a seamless transition and settle into their new environment as quickly as possible, extra care will be placed on making sure the building is in tip-top condition.

This, however, shouldn’t just be limited to the inside of the building.

Building managers should also pay attention to the exterior of their accommodation buildings, and in particular their gutters. It’s no secret that failing to carry out gutter cleaning can lead to problems like damp, mould, and rot, which in turn can damage the structural integrity of the property, thus putting students at risk.

Fortunately, UK Gutters are on-hand to help. We provide everything your gutters need, including:

Why is gutter maintenance important for university buildings?

Other than protecting the safety of students (which is obviously important), there are several benefits associated with investing in regular gutter maintenance. For one, it eliminates the need for your gutters to be replaced completely. Regular checks mean that problems like corrosion can be detected early, giving you the best chance of saving money in the long run.

In addition, as we head through autumn into the winter months, it is far more likely that your gutters will begin to accumulate dirt and other debris as a result of wet and windy weather. If this is left unattended, water will be unable to effectively flow away from the building, leaving it exposed to more severe problems.

At UK Gutters, we recommend that you should get your gutters inspected biannually. This is a service we offer as part of our national gutter cleaning contracts for universities, which helps to keep your students safe. Our skilled gutter cleaning teams are based across the UK, and are qualified with IPAF and PASMA.

Our work with the University of Sunderland

We began working with the University of Sunderland back in 2010, as they required gutter cleaning services and minor repairs for some of their campus buildings.

As the university has a number of large, diverse and complicated buildings, we were required to hire in several specialist pieces of access equipment, something we are happy to do to ensure the job is done correctly.

We understand that students need time to study without disruption, which is why we aim to carry out most of our work outside of term time. If this isn’t possible, we keep in regular contact with the university to ensure we avoid interrupting the students during their studies or examinations. Read more about our work with the University of Sunderland here.

Our COVID-19 promise

We understand that many students will be moving to university this year despite feeling anxious about COVID-19. That is why we are committed to working as safely as possible to help prevent the spread of the disease around campus.

All of our workers have access to appropriate hygiene facilities such as hand sanitisation products and designated disposal facilities to discard used tissues, disposable face masks and gloves. In addition, all members of staff have received regular toolbox talks reiterating the importance of social distancing and the steps required to ensure cross-contamination does not occur from location to location. For more information, read our full COVID-19 statement here.

To summarise…

Maintaining the structural integrity of campus buildings and accommodation will prove to be incredibly cost-effective in the long run. It will also provide students with a safe and secure learning environment, meaning they can get the most out of their time at university.

Here at UK Gutters, our gutter cleaning services are second to none. To find out more about how we can help you with your gutter maintenance, contact us on 0800 046 1376, or email us at info@ukgutters.co.uk.