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Three things to keep an eye on during August when thinking about gutter maintenance

With the warm weather and long days, the UK has fully embraced the summer months. Schools are shut for the six week holidays, making August a popular month for family holidays up and down the country.

With travel restrictions still in effect, the UK is expected to see 62% of holiday goers remaining in Blighty. While this means great things for the UK economy and tourism, if your property has problems with its guttering or roofing, you can quickly find yourself shutting doors to the people on your doorstep.

Already under the weather?

One of the best and worst things with roof and guttering problems is that they don’t always come out of nowhere. When the combination of weather and time begin to take their toll on your building, it’s much more likely that you’ll notice a gathering puddle rather than see a complete collapse of your roof.

These early warning signs often belay a bigger issue, whether it’s clogged gutters or rusted parts, giving you a chance to fix the problems before they can get any worse. On the other hand, these minor niggles are easier to ignore and put off until something drastic happens. It’s easily done, and if you do find yourself putting off fixing the small stuff, it’s worth knowing that things aren’t likely to get any better over the coming months. In fact, by being proactive when it comes to your gutter maintenance, it’s often cheaper to have your problem’s looked at by a professional as soon as they arise.

Making a splash

Complaining about the weather seems to be a universal trait amongst Britons, no matter what part of the country they hail from, though it’s not without good reason. After all, what would August be if not for the unexpected downpours and the constant need for raincoats in our hottest month?

It’s fair to say that you can’t rely on good weather when it comes to the UK, which means fully functional gutters and working roofs are a necessity in the British Isles. If you have any suspicion that the next big downpour could leave you opening in an umbrella indoors, you’ll have more to worry about than superstitions about bad luck. With untold damage to both contents and the building’s structure, major leaks are something you want to be fixed. Sadly, the nature of these things means they can’t always be predicted, which is why we offer an emergency call-out service for those difficult situations.

A break in the clouds

As wet as August can be, it is likely you’ll see a spot of good weather compared to the rest of the year, making this the opportune time to clear your gutters. When September comes around, bringing autumn with it and falling leaves, it’s common for dead foliage to build up, causing issues and exacerbating existing ones.

Put it this way, no gutter has ever benefited from the presence of dead leaves. While it’s certainly possible to have your gutters cleaned during autumn, the cooler weather brings with it problems that August has the luxury of not having.

Prevention is the cure

The best thing to do is not delay and reach out to us regarding any specific issues you may be having.

One of the most effective ways to save money all year round is to set up a gutter cleaning contract. With a contract, our regular visits to your site mean we can spot and prevent any problems before they become too much of a hassle, the same way a routine checkup to the doctors can benefit you in the long run.