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Taking Root

Our team aren’t easily shocked. With years of experience under their belt they reckon they’ve seen it all. And this was probably true up until recently.

When a customer called us saying water was coming in their building our team went to investigate, confident they could resolve what they thought was a routine problem. What they found was a little different…

It turned out that an entire tree had taken root inside the gutter and not a small one either – in fact it’s probably the biggest living thing our team have found in a gutter to date (bigger than our team members) along with a whole ecosystem of foliage.

image 1

Once they had removed the very out of place plants they discovered the gutters were in pretty good shape and managed to resolve the issue of water coming inside the building no problem. We’re now happy to say that the customer has hired us for yearly cleans, just to make sure nothing else takes root up there.

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