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How to tackle your gutter maintenance

The hot weather has finally arrived which can only mean one thing… it’s time to address the state of your gutters! From falling leaves in the autumn to April showers in the spring, the gutter’s most difficult work is complete, making summer the best time for a thorough gutter maintenance service.

Gutters are an integral part of your building that should be cleared at least twice a year to keep rubbish from blocking them, as well as stopping water from dripping both outside and inside your building which may cause extensive damage. Furthermore, gutter cleaning helps remove existing water that makes a perfect habitat for summer insects, reducing the chances of infestations and the possibility of employees receiving bug bites.

As well as the advantages to your employee’s health and workplace, frequent gutter cleaning offers an economical solution by often increasing the longevity of your guttering.

Once you have employed a specialist to address your routine gutter cleaning activities, they may also advise on how to better maintain your gutters and improve their state through further maintenance during the summer period.

Things to do in relation to gutter cleaning and maintenance.

Examine your gutters

You should initially examine your gutters from ground level to identify any immediate areas of concern. To perform this check, simply scan along your gutters and try to spot any obvious leaks, broken sections or openings. A gutter maintenance specialist can then inspect these in more detail from the roof and offer a solution. The identification of general wear and tear and damage to your guttering can be identified during a routine gutter cleaning service, which is often the easiest and safest way to assess the state of your gutters. If your guttering has not been checked or cleaned for a long period of time resulting in extensive damage, it may sometimes be more cost effective for a specialist to replace the entire system.

Check the drainage system

If you have recently added an extension to your building, there is a possibility that it may have changed or affected the drainage system that the water from the gutter usually follows. To test this, ask a gutter maintenance professional to run water down the guttering to see if the water is flowing away from the building and that it isn’t producing puddles. This activity should be carried out safely by a gutter maintenance specialist who is trained to work at height and will be covered by your routine gutter cleaning and maintenance service packages.

Install gutter guards

Gutter guards will help shut off the top and ends of the guttering to stop any unwanted rubbish from intruding. They can be fitted by a gutter cleaning specialist and will help to reduce further blockages which could create other similar problems. Additionally, gutter guards will also make the cleaning process much simpler as there will be a reduction in waste to clear from the guttering.

Fix your guttering

Employ a gutter cleaning specialist to flush the guttering with water to identify any minor leaks, this process is a simple way of identifying issues which can then be immediately sealed.

If you notice that your guttering is slumping to one side, there is a possibility that your guttering could collapse. This can be due to the guttering not being fitted properly or from a mass of rubbish that is trapped inside. If left unattended, this cannot only cause costly damage to your property but is also a hazard to those working in and around the building.

Summer often brings less rain than the rest of the year, making it the ideal time to implement a routine gutter maintenance service. If you suspect that you may need to replace your building’s current guttering system, now is the most appropriate and easiest time to do it. Get in touch with us if you would like us to fully examine your guttering or for a quote on a new system.