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Summer Gutter Maintenance: Top Tips and Things To Look Out For

The sun is shining, the kids are breaking up from school, the ice cream man has his jingle playing out, tempting locals with sweet, cold delights. All this can only mean one thing… Summer is here!

With clearer skies and dryer conditions, summer is a great time to undertake routine gutter maintenance tasks, whether on commercial properties such as warehouses or retail buildings, or domestic residential properties. But what exactly should you be looking for? Read on to discover more!

Bird Nests

Birds will naturally nest high up, and gutters provide them the perfect opportunity to do just that. The natural curvature of the gutter gives avian visitors to your home a perfect structure to start building their nests in, but of course, they won’t be there forever, with most birds flying the nest in the spring. According to the RSPB, the birds most commonly found in gutters include house sparrows, house martins, and starlings, but even other species may be found with varying sizes of nest along with them!

Check For Mould

Mould loves to grow in seams, screw holes, and the overlapped sections of gutters, so it’s one of the key things to look out for. The usual damp conditions are a haven for mould to blossom in, so it needs to be cleared on a regular basis.

Moss and debris

One of the most common things to find in gutters is moss and other debris such as sticks, stones and leaves, and these can collect in gutters causing significant blockages and potential damage too. This is particularly true of residential properties as these are more commonly found in greener areas, surrounded by trees. However, every roof will attract moss over time, so it’s worth keeping it clear and ensuring that your roof is in tip-top condition and your gutters are free from blockages no matter what type of property!


The more difficult parts of rain gutter systems are the downspouts, which tend to jam up just like kitchen or bathroom plumbing, and cannot be cleared by any amount of flushing. When it comes to clearing your downspouts, you’re going to need a specialist like UK Gutter Maintenance.

Watch for telephone or electricity lines

If you do attempt to take a look at your own gutters, then make sure that you’re mindful of any power or phone lines going to your property. We’re sure we don’t need to remind you of the potential consequences of making contact with them…and we don’t mean a power cut!

Have a spotter

Again, if you’re going to take a look at your own gutters by going up a ladder, then make sure you don’t go up it unsupervised. It’s important that you have a spotter; if you are on uneven, rough ground or in an area with a steep incline, it is always a good idea to have a spotter to keep the ladder safe because you never know what can happen.

Don’t rush

Accidents and mistakes happen when you’re in a rush. If you can’t do the task right away, take a break and come back to it later or put it off until another day. Rushing through the work will not help anyone, notably yourself, and is not necessary for safety.

If you have any doubts, don’t take a chance cleaning the gutters by yourself because safety should always come first. Make sure to hire a professional gutter cleaning company such as ourselves to complete the task if you don’t have a ladder, don’t want to climb on the roof, don’t have time, or for any other reason.

So there we have a few summer gutter maintenance tips and hints for you to consider over the coming weeks and months! If however you would prefer a professional to undertake routine maintenance, then we welcome your contact. Why not get in touch with us today?