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School gutter cleaning, why you shouldn’t wait!

Due to gutters being out of sight, for many, they will be out of mind. However, school gutter cleaning is essential to keep the building structure intact. Gutter cleaning is fast and efficient with the aim to remove debris, which collects over time. The build up of organic and human-made waste, including leaves, plant debris, bird nests and fragments of brick or roof tiles, can cause blockages and lead to bigger issues.

Additionally, from providing school gutter cleaning over the years, we have also found objects such as footballs, frisbees, hula hoops and even found a toy digger! However, apart from retrieving the toys of students, why else do you require school gutter cleaning?


Regular school gutter cleaning can reduce the risk of long term damage to both gutters, downspouts and the surrounding roofing, preventing deterioration of the property structure. If your guttering becomes blocked or cracked, the outcome could be damaging. Not only could you wind up having constructional damage, the dampness from the guttering can create health problems for students and your employees.

Save extra costs

We recommend schools have their gutters checked every term, as at the end of the day, as with industrial and commercial properties – regular gutter cleaning, maintenance and servicing is essential to ensure the structural integrity of the building and the potential safety of those in and around it.

Water damage may not be instantly apparent. However, damage can advance quickly, leading to expensive repairs. Gutter cleaning and maintenance will ensure that firstly, it is likely you can stop damage occurring and secondly, it will mean that if there is damage already, it will be caught early on meaning it shouldn’t get any worse.

Keep your building neat

Overflowing gutters not only are inconvenient for practical reasons, but they can also result in your school looking untidy and give an unprofessional appearance. After a while, your building will begin to deteriorate and show its age.

Be sure to book in your school gutter cleaning as soon as possible; many companies (including us) will carry out the service in half term to ensure safety and little disruption.

With adequate routine school gutter cleaning, our services result in gutters and roofing that will provide extended longevity, reducing the risk of damage to property, both internally and externally. TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HOW WE CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR COMMERCIAL OR INDUSTRIAL GUTTER MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS, CALL US ON 01748 529 154 OR SUBMIT AN ENQUIRY HERE.