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Out of Sight, Out of Mind – A Tale of Rusty Gutters

‘Out of site out of mind’ is an old saying but the photos below show how important it is to think about maintaining things you can’t see. In this economic climate companies are trying to keep overheads to a minimum so they tend not to think about the roof and gutters of their property. Not all buildings require an annual clean but we would recommend that they have one every couple of years to enable an inspection of the condition of the property. Once corrosion has started on a building its progress can increase quickly as it is exposed to the elements constantly.

Monitoring the building means that minor repairs can be carried out to increase the life expectancy of the roof and gutters. So although companies may feel that the cost of cleaning and inspection is not something they should factor into their budgets our photos show that the small amount of money spent on maintenance actually save a fortune in the long run.

Had the building in question been inspected on a regular basis the onset of Cut Edge Corrosion would have been noticed and probably treated but as you can see the roof sheets have corroded so badly repair work is no longer possible and the building now requires new roof sheets which will be very expensive and could possibly result in the company having to suspend trading while the extensive works are carried out.

A rusty roof

The gutters have completely rotten through and will need new ones manufacturing. This expensive replacement could have been avoided had the building been cleaned and inspected on a regular basis.

Guttering with a hole in it

We would hope that from the evidence shown above companies will now think about the things they can’t see and realise that using the services of UKGM can help to save them money in the future by keeping them informed of the condition of their property on the areas they can’t monitor. Many of our clients have found that regular maintenance not only keeps them informed of their buildings condition it has stopped leaks occurring and the need for commercial roof repairs, this has saved them money by reducing the loss of damaged stock that invariably happens should water penetrate the building.