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National gutter cleaning job requires specialist equipment

A recent gutter cleaning job required us to make use of some of our most specialist equipment – a valley frame. Whilst carrying out routine gutter maintenance on a narrow gutter on a fragile asbestos roof our team made use of the valley frame as a way to access the precarious area.

Gutter cleaning job on old valley shaped roof

The valley frame allowed our operatives to safely access the delicate roof and negotiate the valley style guttering which was full to the brim of foliage and debris. As part of our gutter maintenance and regular gutter cleaning services, we are always fully equipped to meet the demands of any roof or gutter that we encounter and always put the safety of all our team and those in the area at the very pinnacle of importance. to find out more about our health and safety commitments click here.

Two footballs in valley shaped gutter

With the use of the valley frame, the gutter cleaning went without a hitch and the roof is now ready for whatever the coming autumn and winter months might throw at it. If you have a difficult to access roof or gutter system that needs the expertise of our team contact us today on 01748 529 154 or click here.