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It’s a Guessing Game…

The world of gutter maintenance can, at times, be one of surprise and bewilderment. Once we get on a roof we never know what we might find and our long serving team have learnt not to assume anything. From ducklings, lost balls and trees the size of men, the world of the gutter is one of mystery and intrigue.

Most recently a blockage baffled everyone.  As you can see from the image something was causing water to pool up where it should have been draining, but what could it possibly be? Leaves, foliage, a wind caught plastic bag? Our guys were stumped.


When we discovered the culprit was a crumpled plastic bottle as you can see, our first thought was how on earth did that get up there? It really is a guessing game when it comes to the mysterious world of roof repairs and gutter cleaning, we just never know what we might come across.

This one requires some Sherlock level deduction skills. If you think you know how it got there give us a Tweet!