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Industrial gutter repair work: know the warning signs

It feels like 2021 has started where 2020 left off.

January has been dominated by less-than-ideal weather – including heavy snow, torrential downpours, and the odd gale-force gust.

If you hadn’t been keeping on top of your gutter cleaning or maintenance prior to the start of the New Year, then your system is likely to have suffered during this period of nasty winter weather.

So, if this is the case, your commercial property may need an industrial gutter repair. If you’re not sure about the state of your guttering system, or you don’t know the warning signs – here are some pointers:

Have you noticed overflowing water?

Water should be flowing through your guttering system, not flowing over it.

Obstructions can easily disrupt the flow of water in your system, forcing it up and over the brim of your gutters. If left untreated, overflowing water can quickly wreak havoc – from damaging the area below the gutters to more serious structural problems.

Thankfully, spotting overflowing gutters is easy – all you have to do is wait for a downpour (and we get a few of those in the UK), and look up. Once you’ve identified the problem area, please leave it to the professionals. Not only will we have your gutters free of blockages in no time; but we’ll also carry out any remedial repair work that’s needed, too.

Loose screws = bad news

While overflowing gutters are a relatively simple fix, the same can’t be said if you’ve noticed parts of your system (that should be attached to your building) on the floor.

Loose screws or brackets on the floor are a bad sign. If you’ve discovered loose fixtures, then you can’t delay. Not only are your gutters in dire need of some TLC (and probably an industrial gutter repair), but you’re also in a race against time for your gutters actually staying attached to your property.

And, if they fall… put it this way; you’ll need more than an emergency gutter repair. Remember, regular gutter cleaning and proper maintenance can extend your system’s longevity by more than twenty years, and reduce the likelihood of disaster striking significantly. In our eyes, it’s a worthwhile investment – one less stress for you to worry about!

What to do when your problems take root

Repeat after us: “foliage doesn’t belong in gutters”.

If you’ve noticed a new rooftop garden protruding from your gutter, then it’s an obvious sign that you need an industrial gutter repair. In areas where seeds and debris can accumulate – like in blockages – plants are almost sure to grow.

And, once these problems take hold, they can be troublesome to rectify. Plant roots can quickly infiltrate your property’s structure, which can lead to more costly repairs in the long-term.

Always leave it to the professionals

To avoid guttering woes associated with poor gutter maintenance, we would recommend enlisting the professionals’ help.

Here at UK Gutters, we have over fifteen years of experience in gutter maintenance and repair. We also understand that emergencies need to be dealt with quickly. Problems need to be solved, to reduce the risk of further damage occurring.

Our callout teams are stationed across the country, and can be quickly mobilised to provide you with the best solution – so you have peace of mind for the rest of this winter.

To find out more about industrial gutter repair work offered by UK Gutters, contact us today.