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Three problems your gutters may face this winter

With the worst winter in thirty years on the horizon, is your industrial property prepared?  

Your property’s guttering is its first line of defence against the weather. If your gutters are in anything less than peak condition, then this winter could be catastrophic for your property, workforce and business. 

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the most common problems that can arise during the winter months, and how you can prevent them.  

Avoid frozen gutters with preventative gutter maintenance

One of the most common issues your property may have to deal with during the winter months is frozen gutters. If you don’t carry out preventative gutter maintenance and industrial gutter cleaning, frozen gutters can spell disaster for your industrial or commercial property, as water cannot effectively flow away from the building. 

Carrying out gutter maintenance before the temperatures drop is vital. By ensuring that guttering is clear of debris, you’ll be helping to draw water away from your property, thus preventing the growth of damp and other structural issues.  

Another way of reducing the likelihood of gutters freezing is to ensure that the loft of your property is well insulated. Naturally, a warm loft can help keep the cold at bay – and prevent your gutters from freezing in the first place. 

Unfortunately, once your gutters have frozen, there’s very little you can do – apart from wait for the thaw. If your gutters do freeze this winter, contact an industrial gutter cleaning professional, who will be able to advise best how to stop it happening again.

Keep blocked gutters at bay with industrial gutter cleaning

As we’ve said before, autumn is one of the most challenging times of the year for your gutters – but winter is easily a close second. 

We always recommend carrying out industrial gutter cleaning at the end of autumn. That way, leaves, dirt and other debris can be cleared away from your guttering, leaving them ready to face whatever winter sends their way. 

If you’re struggling to determine if your property’s gutters are blocked or overflowing, then there are some rudimentary checks you can carry out from the ground. Serious issues – like overflowing water, cracked guttering or missing nails and screws can all be easily seen at ground level. 

Here at UK Gutters, booking industrial gutter cleaning is quick and convenient – it only takes 10 minutes. Conducting regular gutter cleaning will reduce the likelihood of your property needing an industrial gutter repair, while increasing the longevity of your gutters.

Plug leaking gutters with our help

Leaking gutters are a nuisance, and, if left unattended, can quickly escalate into serious issues. Usually, they’re caused by guttering that has become cracked, or fasteners that have become loose.

If you spot a leaky gutter, don’t delay – it’s crucial that you contact a gutter cleaning professional as soon as you can. Even the smallest leak can quickly escalate into an emergency gutter repair – which is a cost you don’t want to deal with during the festive season. 

If the worst happens, the key is not to panic. Here at UK Gutters, we aim to respond to the needs of our clients within 24 hours. Our emergency callout teams are based across the nation, are qualified to operate Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (or MEWPs) and will work to carry out your industrial gutter repair quickly. 

To summarise…

Ultimately, when it comes to the guttering on your commercial or industrial property, it’s always worth leaving any work that needs doing to the professionals. That’s where we come in! Taking the time before the cold weather arrives to carry out industrial gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance will help prevent further problems arising during the winter months.  

Here at UK Gutters, our industrial gutter cleaning services are second to none! To find out more about how we can help you with your commercial or industrial gutter maintenance, contact us on 0800 046 1376 or info@ukgutters.co.uk.