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Get top marks for your school gutter cleaning this academic year.

For many, the back-to-school countdown ends today. School grounds that have been dormant over the festive break will once again be populated by pupils and staff alike. Naturally, term time is not ideal for utilising a professional for school gutter cleaning. Never fear; February half-term is only around the corner.

The first half of the spring term provides any facilities manager with ample opportunity to get the year off to a great start and book in a routine school gutter cleaning. By forming new and active habits (that involve dealing with – not ignoring – problems), a facilities manager can help guarantee the safety of everyone in the building.

With experts predicting a winter that is looking to be reminiscent of 2018’s Beast from the East, is it worth risking the long-term impact that poor gutter maintenance can have on a building?

Benefits of school gutter cleaning

Regular school gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance are essential for both the lifespan of a building and the longevity of guttering and downspouts – with the benefits of routine maintenance continually outweighing the negatives.

Primarily, school gutter cleaning is vital to avoid to clear health and safety risks that are associated with improperly maintained guttering. When failing guttering becomes blocked and damaged further, it could pull the gutters away from the wall – posing a big risk not only the building but the students or faculty.

At a time where school budgets are also being squeezed year-on-year, investing in a gutter maintenance plan on a contractual basis is highly recommended. They can alleviate the financial stress that an emergency callout has the potential to add to a school’s annual budget. Facilities managers should also be mindful of the fact that many insurance policies will not cover any water damage that occurs as a result of unmaintained gutters.

For more information about the benefits of school gutter cleaning, check out our previous blog.

Preventative gutter maintenance

Facilities managers can easily start implementing measures to improve their school’s gutter maintenance. The primary way of achieving this would be through the implementation of a biannual gutter clean and inspection, with an appropriate gutter maintenance company. Many gutter cleaning companies (including us) are willing to carry out inspections outside of term-time, to minimise disruption.

We would always recommend preventative gutter maintenance when it comes to school gutter cleaning, as it is possible to solve new problems before they become avoidable guttering disasters. By investing in regular gutter maintenance, cleaning and inspection, the school will be protected against a whole host of routine seasonal damages, helping to reduce the general cost of disaster.

Make school gutter cleaning a new year’s resolution

A new year brings with it new opportunities and the chance for fresh starts. If gutter maintenance and school gutter cleaning have been ignored in previous years, the new year is the perfect time to make an effort and establish new, good habits that will benefit the gutters and building alike.

If problems with school gutters are left untreated and ignored for long enough, they have the potential to wreak havoc. Evidence of some of the most obvious issues, like leaking windows, damp and external staining, risk damaging the reputation of the school. Is it worth risking the trust of parents over preventable problems?

We’ve discussed making gutter maintenance part of your new year’s resolution before – give it a read if you’re still not convinced.

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