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How correct gutter maintenance can prevent mould and damp

Damp, mould and rot can be a burden to any commercial property – especially when the temperature drops significantly, as it has in recent weeks.

One of the most common causes of damp, mould and rot in commercial property is damaged guttering. If left for too long, damp can pose a serious health risk to employees, which can subsequently impact the productivity of the workforce. Simply, it is a problem that you shouldn’t ignore.


At this time of year, it’s easy for gutters to become blocked by fallen leaves and other debris. Blockages mean that water cannot adequately drain away from the property, which can lead to moisture building up in walls, floors and ceilings. As damp sits, it is more likely to develop into mould and eventually, rot.

Once rot begins to settle into a building, it becomes a costly problem to fix. If left for a prolonged period of time, the structural integrity of the building will be at risk. Naturally, it is best to rectify these problems before they arise – for the benefit of both the building and the facilities management team.

Damaged guttering

Damaged guttering can have a similar effect to blockages. If left untreated, moisture can enter the property and result in problems that are difficult to fix.

However, unlike blockages, damage can occur at any time. Primarily, it is attributed to natural wear and tear, but improper gutter maintenance can be a substantial contributing factor. Diagnosing gutter damage is easy – have a look at your commercial property when it’s raining. If water seems to be overflowing from your gutters or running down your walls, then it’s a good indication that something is preventing your gutters from working effectively.

If you believe that the guttering of your property may be damaged, it’s worth contacting a professional who will be able to suggest a solution. Taking matters into your own hands could ultimately result in making things worse, so we wouldn’t recommend it.

Preventing damp, mould and rot

As we’ve said in the past, “out of sight, out of mind” is not a mentality that you should adopt when it comes to your gutter maintenance. Naturally, clean gutters are less susceptible to blockages and damage. Well-maintained gutters are more likely to protect your commercial property from potential water damage. An annual gutter service can help ensure your guttering is in good condition and can withstand the changing seasons.

If you feel that there is an urgent problem with your guttering, it’s best to trust a professional to rectify it – contact UK Gutters today or call 0800 046 1376 to arrange a bespoke quotation.