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Hover bikes or Tour de Yorkshire decoration? We’ll never know

Tomorrow sees the start of the Tour de Yorkshire and so we thought it very apt when we recently found two bike tyres in a Halford’s gutter. If you regularly follow our blogs you’ll know that over the years we’ve found just about everything in gutters: children’s shoes, potatoes and even a live duckling; but few are as timely as this recent find.

On finding the pair of tyres our experts’ first thoughts were ‘where’s the rest of the bike?’ closely followed by ‘how on earth did they end up in there?’ these are the mysteries of our job. Perhaps this addition to the gutters was inspired by the impending sporting spectacular set to descend across the county? Perhaps they fell off Elliot’s bike while he was riding with E.T? We’ll never know, all we do know is that they had no place being up there.


On further inspection, we also found a slew of bike tyres scattered across the roof. Has someone invented a hover bike and not told anyone? Or are the Halford’s staff all keen amateur jugglers who get a little over excited? While many might assume gutter cleaning can be dull, in fact it opens up a whole world of questions – that’s why we love it.

Whether the tyres we found were in honour of the Tour de Yorkshire or not, we do know one thing – you never know what might be up there until you have a look.

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