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Gutter maintenance: Protect your industrial property from storms this winter

In the wake of Storm Ciara battering the country, there’s no denying that 2020’s storm season is going to be wild.

With Storm Dennis now on its way, it’s perfectly understandable if you’re feeling a bit uneasy – especially if you haven’t been keeping up with your gutter cleaning or gutter maintenance

Even though our capabilities are limited during periods of turbulent weather (understandably, health and safety stops us from carrying out any work at height), we’re still on-hand to assist and advise, especially in the aftermath of harsh winter storms. 

Is gutter maintenance essential?

In a word? Yes.

We know your gutters are often the last thing on your mind at this time of year – but, if disaster strikes, it will be your complacency to blame! When bad weather is forecast, you need to take action to protect your commercial or industrial property from harm. 

Carrying out gutter maintenance on a biannual basis is essential to keep your property’s guttering functioning properly. As part of our routine gutter maintenance service, not only can we inspect all the parts of your guttering, but we can also carry out remedial industrial gutter repairs, including:

We also offer minor industrial roof repairs to both new and pre-existing customers, as part of their ongoing gutter maintenance contracts.

Carrying out gutter cleaning now will benefit you later

If the aftermath of Storm Ciara has revealed a plethora of gutter issues, then, unfortunately, your gutters may need replacing – which is often why the preventatives are cheaper than the cure! 

It would be naive to assume that any winter is going to be gentle. If your gutters aren’t adequately prepared to divert water away from your commercial or industrial space, then you’re opening your property up to a host of problems – including damp and rot

Here at UK Gutters, we offer a professional gutter cleaning service that’s suited for both industrial and commercial spaces. We work quickly and safely to effectively remove both man-made and organic debris that accumulates in guttering over time. For a more in-depth insight into how we carry out our services, read our previous blog on how to safely conduct gutter cleaning.

If disaster has struck, the important thing is to learn from your mistake, and pencil in gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance when the weather improves.

Don’t forget about your roof! 

At this time of year, gutter issues can quickly escalate into more substantial roof problems.

We’d forgive you for thinking that the sole purpose of your property’s roof is to provide shelter and protect those within it, but it’s so much more. Your roof is pivotal for supporting your building’s external structure, and choosing to neglect it could seriously impair its integrity. 

By failing to carry out regular gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance, not only are you weakening its resilience to the elements, but you’re also putting your business and workforce at risk.

Plus, it’s always worth taking into consideration the fact that many insurance companies won’t pay out if disaster strikes as a result of poor gutter maintenance. If you’ve noticed a problem, the best thing to do is enlist the help of the professionals – it’s what we’re here for, and we can carry out industrial roof repairs quickly and safely. 

To summarise…

As we’ve already mentioned, you’re going to have to wait for a reprieve in the weather to enlist the help of professionals to solve your current gutter issues. By fixing the problems at hand now, and scheduling routine gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance later, you can help protect the structural integrity of your building, while hopefully avoiding future disasters.

If you don’t currently have a relationship with a gutter cleaning team that you can trust, give one of our friendly team members a call on 0800 046 1376, or email us. These problems can’t wait!