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Gutter cleaning: Problems to avoid this spring

With little-to-no rain failing in the UK recently, now could be the perfect opportunity to organise any gutter cleaning you’ve been putting off.

From blockages to sagging gutters (and one or two feathered friends), here are the most common problems your gutters may encounter this spring, and how to solve them:

The problem: Clogs, leaks, and sagging

The solution: After a wet winter, the true extent of the damage sustained by your guttering system may only just be coming to light.

Clogged and leaky gutters can quickly cause more severe issues – like sagging. Once you’ve noticed any overflowing water (or holes where they shouldn’t be), then we would recommend contacting your local gutter cleaning professional as soon as you can.

If left untreated for too long (or if winter took its toll on fixtures and fittings), standing water and other debris can wreak havoc on your system. If your gutters have started sagging – or worse, come away from the building entirely – then you’re likely to need a gutter repair.

If your system needs a repair, then leaving it to the professionals is vital – and not just because they can safely work at height! Not only will they react quickly and economically to solve the problem, but they will also work proactively to ensure that the problem doesn’t happen again.

The problem: Foliage

The solution: Now that spring has well and truly sprung, you’ll notice signs of new life everywhere. That being said, you should not be sporting a new gutter garden.

Debris in your system, paired with seeds in bird droppings and sunlight, make the perfect conditions to grow your own gutter garden (with zero effort on your part). While this may seem quite entertaining initially, fresh gutter foliage is no laughing matter.

If the plant becomes well-established, it can weigh down the gutter. In the long-term, this can strain the joints in the system, causing separation and new blockages. Regular gutter cleaning can keep vegetation at bay, meaning you can enjoy looking at plants at ground level – where they should be!

The problem: Birds nests

The solution: In England, all wild bird species (including their eggs and nests) are protected by law. Once a bird has started nesting in your guttering, you cannot legally remove it until all the eggs have hatched and fledged.

The best way to deal with birds nesting in your gutters is to discourage them from nesting there in the first place. By carrying out regular gutter cleaning, your gutters will be free of organic debris like sticks, leaves, mud, and other nest-building materials – which will hopefully keep the birds at bay.

If your commercial property is surrounded by trees or hedges, keeping them well-maintained (outside of nesting season) can be vital to keep debris out of your gutters. Installing bird boxes and feeders can also help keep feathered friends away from your guttering system, too.

Organising gutter cleaning this spring is quick and easy

Here at UK Gutters, we pride ourselves on the simplicity of our online booking system – requesting a free, no-obligation quote will only take ten minutes.

Electing to carry out gutter cleaning in spring can ensure that your system can continue functioning at its best throughout the summer months and beyond, while also keeping guttering woes (like those detailed above) at bay.

Our gutter cleaning services are suitable for both industrial and retail spaces, and are always carried out in-line with the latest Government guidelines.

To find out more about sprucing up your gutters this spring, and organising routine gutter cleaningplease get in touch today