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Commercial roof repairs – things to watch out for

When running your commercial property ensuring the maintenance of the property is up-to-date is paramount, and commercial roof repairs are no exception. However, there are ways you can prevent damages to your commercial roof by being aware of certain factors that could endanger your commercial or industrial roof.

Bird droppings – specifically for steel roofs

The use of steel is common in many commercial and industrial roofs, for these properties it is important to understand the damaging effect bird droppings can have upon the roof’s surface. It has been stated that bird droppings on steel material can have the same effects as they do on car paint, however, steel roofs have special galvanic coating that is designed to prevent corrosion. Although, left for a long period of time unchecked, it can begin to penetrate the protective coating.


Moss may look harmless as it grows slowly and is soft to the touch but left over time it will begin to soak up water and moisture, which will contribute to water damage and begin to soften your roof.

Chemical treatments can rectify this problem once tufts of moss have appeared. Alternatively materials such as zinc or copper strips can be installed in order to stop moss from forming at all.


Like moss, algae is a slow growing plant, that if not treated properly can spread and cause damage to your roof. It can usually be treated with a diluted bleach substance.


As with any roof or building the rise of falling trees and branches pose a risk. In order to stop these posing an immediate threat, insure that any trees around the building are trimmed back or if you feel they are a heavy threat have them taken down entirely.

Need commercial roof repairs?

If we’ve got you thinking about the condition of your roof and you need commercial roof repairs, get in touch. We offer both gutter repairs and small roof repairs as part of our regular gutter cleaning service.