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Everything but the kitchen sink!

Just recently we received a call from a national chain of carpet stores who urgently needed our attendance at one of their shops. It was thought the gutters were rotten and needed repairing or replacing as water was cascading into the building when it rained. This was causing damage to the shop fittings and stock plus shorting the electrics throughout the premises.

We arrived at the store and after completing the signing in procedure and Risk Assessment we accessed the roof using our cherry picker van and commenced an inspection of the gutters. However it soon became apparent that the gutters were not rotting or corroding away as they were almost full to the brim with standing water but without the expected leaks.

We then turned our attention to the gutter outlets as they were clearly blocked. There was only one outlet for each of the three gutter runs and the first outlet we inspected we found a stainless steel salad bowl firmly wedged down the hole. When it was removed there was a gurgle and whooshing sound and as if by magic the gutter was suddenly emptied of the standing water.

The second outlet examined was found to also be blocked, this time by a trainer shoe and the third outlet found to be blocked by a bicycle seat!!!

Both these items were removed allowing the standing water to drain away.

Needless to say the store was happy that the severe water leaks that had been plaguing them had been resolved quickly and without the expected costs of major gutter repairs.

For us it was a satisfactory outcome resulting with a happy client plus we also had three more bizarre objects to add to our list of strange things found in gutters.

On a final note the store now appreciates the merits of maintaining the gutters and have arranged for an annual gutter cleaning to be carried out so that a repeat of this problem will be significantly reduced.