UK Care Home Group

In 2010 UK Gutter Maintenance Ltd. started working with one of the largest charities in Britain which provides accommodation, care and support for older people across 70 locations.

The buildings that make up these homes are diverse and all vary in size and design, so we carried out on-site surveys, for their gutter clean requests, soon coming to realise that many of them were surrounded by landscaped gardens, trees and lawns, rendering some areas inaccessible by either our 16.5m boom vans or ladders.

Despite the hurdles we were determined to fulfil the job, so spoke with the charity’s Senior Maintenance Manager before investing in an industrial wet and dry vacuum with a long extension, accommodating the contract and establishing the strong working relationship we enjoy with them today.

Wet and dry vacuums have significant limitations but in this instance, with a small percentage of gutters to clean, it served its purpose and negated the requirement for hiring in specialist access equipment which is costly and uneconomical on contracts of this nature.

We have now cleaned over 50 care homes for the group, and as with all our clients, our experienced gutter teams are courteous and respectful of all the residents they encounter. Due to the type of residents we may come into contact with we ensure we always notify the Care Home Manager of the date of our arrival and provide the name of our Working Supervisor, giving the staff at the home a personal contact to liaise with over the course of the works.

During our long established relationship with the charity, and their maintenance personnel team, we have established a foundation of trust so strong we now no longer need to survey new buildings, instead we simply work to an agreed half or full day rate depending on the length of time of the gutter clean.

To arrange a site visit call our National help desk on 01748 835 454 or fill out our form.