Carpet Right

We were first introduced to Carpetright in 2008. In the early days we carried out works on a re-active basis only and whilst we still attend to their call outs across the whole portfolio, we now also do so much more. Today Carpetright is one of our largest, most prestigious client for whom we have undertaken over £1,000,000 of work.

Since our inception we have always had our client’s best interests at heart. In addition to our planned gutter cleans we chose to offer a re-active service, which not only aims to resolve a problem with a first fix solution but, which we combine with a gutter clean and an at height roof condition survey, making the most economical use of our time and providing the best value for money service to our clients.

Carpetright has a portfolio of over 400 stores and we soon came to realise that many had gutters and roofs that were in a poor condition and in need of monitoring. Following discussions with the Facility Manager we started carrying out annual planned gutter cleans on a selection of the stores where problems had been identified.

As with any retail outlet, the financial repercussions if a store has to temporarily close are enormous, making it imperative that Carpetright’s buildings remain water tight. The benefits of regular planned gutter cleans across this selection of stores soon became more than apparent, with the number of re-active attendances dropping as the working condition of the gutters were maintained due to regular cleans, spot repairs and visual monitoring. As a result Carpetright now carry out planned gutter cleans across their whole portfolio.

Our technical reports and before and after photographs have proven to be an invaluable tool for Carpetright, enabling the facilities team to visually see the condition of their gutters and roofs and allowing them to budget for their repairs. More recently a further project was instigated to resolve the major roof repairs that have been identified over the years.

Our long-establish working relationship with Carpetright has been built on trust, this is precisely why they were keen for UK Gutter Maintenance Ltd. to undertake any and all works which are within our scope and capabilities.
Today we offer Carpetright the complete package that is both cost effective and one they know they can rely on; providing them the assurance of peace of mind.

The Facilities team says

“ Over the past few years the facilities team have developed a close working relationship with UK Gutters, their service is always first class!”

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