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Birds – A gutter cleaner’s nemesis

We’ve talked a lot about the perils of things getting stuck in gutters, but that’s not the only danger our operatives face. In true Hitchcock style, birds can cause a huge problem to our staff – especially at this time of year.

During a recent job at Southend on Sea we came face to face with our feathered nemesis and saw just how much destruction they can cause. You might not think a few birds could affect your gutters but feathers, shells, droppings and even dead birds can all cause blockages and stop them working as they should.


It’s not just blockages that are a worry though, we also have to be particularly careful when birds are nesting as they can become very aggressive and cause serious health and safety issues – particularly when working at height.

When it comes to working with nature we know we always have to be respectful; which is why we always aim to clean gutters in areas with a known bird problem either prior to May or after September. DSCN2141
Birds or no birds, it’s important to make sure you know what’s going on in your gutters. Get some peace of mind and book a gutter cleaning today.