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Autumn gutter cleaning: how can it benefit your property?

As it stands, most of the country is currently reeling from the aftermath of Storm Francis. And, if you haven’t been keeping up-to-date with your biannual gutter cleaning or maintenance, your property probably hasn’t fared well against the elements.

If your commercial or industrial property missed out on routine gutter cleaning as a result of lockdown, then now may be your last opportunity to organise much-needed repairs and maintenance before the trees start shedding their leaves in a few weeks. 

Gutter cleaning in autumn

Autumn is a notoriously tricky season for gutters. Not only do the leaves start falling, but the temperature drops and storms begin to roll in.

Cleaning and maintenance is carried out primarily to remove leaves and other debris from your system – but there’s another unspoken foe: stagnant water. 

Suppose blockages in your guttering system are left unattended for an extended period of time. If this happened, water could quickly pool, and it wouldn’t take long for damp, mould, and rot to take hold without you realising. 

It’s also worth keeping in mind that many insurance companies now actively encourage property owners to regularly clean their gutters. If you choose not to conduct gutter cleaning or maintenance, and the worst happens, your insurance policy probably won’t cover damage caused as a result of poor gutter maintenance. 

Health and safety comes first

Clean gutters are naturally less susceptible to blockages and damage – but that doesn’t mean we think you should be cleaning your property’s guttering yourself.

In these unprecedented times, we’ve adapted our operations to be ‘COVID-secure’. This helps to keep both our contractors and clients safe. 

We are continually reviewing the situation, and acting in-line with the latest advice from both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Public Health England. Plus, to further prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infections, not only have we embraced a contactless way of working, but our contractors also have access to sanitising products, and personal protective equipment (PPE), should they wish to use it.

Solve guttering woes with a national gutter cleaning contract 

If you operate your business out of many locations across the country, then a national gutter cleaning contract could be the key to keeping on top of your cleaning and maintenance.

With a national gutter cleaning contract (like the ones offered by UK Gutters), we will inspect the guttering on all of your properties twice a year. From there, we will be able to evaluate the condition of your gutters, and schedule maintenance, cleaning and remedial repair work, as needed.

Investing in a national gutter cleaning contract can be particularly useful if you haven’t always been the best at keeping on top of cleaning and maintenance. With a national gutter cleaning contract, you hand the responsibility over to us – and we’ll organise cleaning as and when it is required.

Plus, regular gutter cleaning can help prolong the lifespan of your guttering system to more than 20 years – surely that makes it a worthwhile investment? 

To summarise…

Here at UK Gutters, we recommend carrying out gutter cleaning on a biannual basis – once in the spring, and once in the autumn. By carrying out routine cleaning now, you’ll be removing dirt and other debris from your system, ensuring its effectiveness over the coming months. 

With autumn just around the corner, contact UK Gutters today to organise routine gutter cleaning for your property.