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A Job Well Done

We always strive to do the very best job we can and when we hear our clients say they have noticed it means the world to us. This is precisely why we like to shout about it.

At the beginning of October, we were contacted by RM Williams for an initial gutter clean and then ongoing gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance three times each year. As this was a new job, our first port of call was to carry out a survey of the area to determine what work was required and what the roof was made of. As with all our work, we did not want to provide a quote before this had been carried out as we only ever do, and charge for, the work that is required.

Following our initial survey, we carried out the work as soon as was possible, allowing for the October half term school holidays during which we are very busy with work on school buildings. We found that the gutters were very much in need of a good clear out, as you can see from the images, as they were full of leaves and at risk of becoming completely blocked.


After the work was completed our contact at RM Williams emailed to tell us how happy he was with the work we had done.

“ …both guys were extremely professional, helpful and friendly and I’d like to say a big thank you to them and yourself! It’s a huge contrast to the previous companies we have contacted to try and get this problem fixed, so I really appreciate knowing there’s a company we can trust.”

While working on the roof we noticed that it had a total of 43 leaks and informed the client that we couldn’t safely repair this until the spring when the roof was completely dry. Based on how pleased they were with our work, they expressed that they were more than happy to wait a few months to have us fix this problem.

This job really highlights how dedicated we are to operating in the most honest and transparent way possible and how much emphasis we put on doing the very best job we can. For us, there is nothing more important than hearing from a client that they are pleased with the work we have done for them.