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5 ways to keep your roof in great condition

We’re now firmly into April and that means only one thing, April showers. Showery weather can cause havoc with already damaged roofs leading to leaks and ultimately the damage of anything inside the building. Keeping your roof in tip-top shape isn’t difficult. Take a look at our top 5 tips to keep your roof in great condition, and if you do have a problem be sure to give us a call.

  1. Keep gutters and downspouts clean

It’s not rocket science, gutters are designed to carry excess water away from the roof. If gutters become blocked then water can quickly back up and cause a problem. Make sure you’re having regular gutter cleaning to get those rogue leaves, lost balls and children’s toys out of the way.

  1. Keep it professional

Hiring a trained roof and gutter maintenance company for at least an annual inspection will put your mind at rest. The overall condition of your roof is best assessed by someone standing on top of it and that’s a job best left to professionals trained to work at height.

  1. Ensure air flow

A roof needs to be well ventilated in order to stay in the best condition. Ventilation can be added to a roof at any time, not just when it’s being replaced so if you’re noticing the telltale signs (excess mould and mildew and sagging) it’s time to address your air flow.

  1. Check for outside light

If you can see outside light when looking at your roof a big red flag should start flying. Wait until a sunny day then reduce the artificial indoor light, and take a good look for any spots or cracks of light shining through. If you do see anything it’s time to call in the professionals. Anywhere light can get in water can too.

  1. Keep it clean

A clean roof is a happy roof. Pay particular attention to mould, mildew or moss as these substances can retain water and cause lasting damage. Equally, keeping the roof free of debris reveals any issues that may otherwise be hidden. As with point two, it’s important to leave going up on the roof to the professionals.

If we’ve got you thinking about the condition of your roof and you’d like a second opinion, get in touch. We do both gutter repairs and small roof repairs as part of our regular gutter cleaning service.