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Gutter maintenance problems every facilities manager should know of.

Don’t neglect your gutters!

Regular gutter inspections are essential to ensure the structural integrity of your commercial or industrial building… but all too often, a buildings guttering system is neglected, making way for an unnecessary expense, inconvenience and even breaches of health and safety regulations.

Are you a facilities manager and unsure of what to look for when it comes to your guttering systems? The list of potential gutter maintenance problems that could arise within commercial and industrial buildings really could be as long as your arm, but we’ve compiled the five gutter maintenance problems every facilities manager should be aware of below:

1. Blocked downpipes

Blocked downpipes may not always be obvious to spot externally, but downpipes are a fundamental part of any functioning guttering system. Gutter downpipes tend to accumulate leaves and other debris all year round, but particularly in the wetter months when matter tends to stick inside the downpipe walls.

Downpipes are checked as part of a regular gutter maintenance or gutter cleaning service, and if your specialist sees blocked downpipes as a particularly likely hazard to your building, for example, if there are lots of trees in the surrounding area, they should fit leaf guards to help assist with the problem.

2. Corrosion

Many commercial buildings are fitted with metal guttering systems, which over time are likely to rust, if not maintained regularly. Put simply; rust leads to corrosion, which can then result in tiny holes and fragmented pipes, which in time will grow into larger holes.

One of the best preventative measures for corrosion is the installation of waterproof membrane lining, which prevents moisture from coming into contact with the gutter itself, but selecting the right lining really should be left to the professionals. During a gutter maintenance inspection, your specialist will advise on the best possible gutter lining solution, based on the likely weather at the time of installation.

3. Insufficient outlet capacity

We tend to find that insufficient outlet capacity issues affect older buildings, which were built to deal with a lower rainfall capacity than we see with more modern guttering systems.

Having an insufficient outlet capacity could lead to an inefficient guttering system, where rainfall is unable to drain sufficiently. The best way to counteract this issue is to increase the size of the current outlets, and also add additional outlets where necessary.

4. Weak joints

Weak joints are an extremely common cause of a failing guttering system. Over time, joints are likely to weaken due to general wear and tear, but regular gutter maintenance can help to spot weak joints before they become a major issue.

During routine gutter maintenance or gutter cleaning work on your building, your gutter maintenance expert will inspect the guttering joints for areas of weakness. This may result in the application of a silicone based liquid over joints, or in worse cases the replacement of sections of the guttering system.

5. Prevention (regular gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance) is most definitely cheaper than the cure – replacing industrial/commercial guttering!

Replacing industrial/commercial guttering can be extremely costly. No matter the size of the property you manage, prevention is most definitely cheaper than the cure for any of the issues listed above, which is why our regular gutter maintenance service is so popular!

Our national gutter maintenance and regular gutter cleaning service is second to none! If you’ve got a problem with your gutters that you’ve been avoiding give us a call on 01748 529 154 before it’s too late. Still not sure we’re the ones to call? Check out our customer testimonials here.