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The five golden rules of gutter cleaning

As temperatures drop and the days get inevitably shorter, we are heading towards a crucial time of the year for preventing and cleaning blocked gutters. As 2020 has proven, absolutely anything can happen, meaning it is always best to stay ahead of the curve.

While it may not seem a priority right now, investing in a high-quality gutter cleaning service can save you a load of time and money in the long run as we head towards the winter months.

We’ve put together a helpful list of golden rules to help you stay on top of your gutter cleaning this year:

1 Safety first

As weather conditions in autumn and winter are so unpredictable, we do not recommend inspecting or cleaning your property’s guttering yourself!

At UK Gutters, our gutter cleaning service is carried out by experienced two-person teams, all of whom hold the appropriate skill cards including IPAF or PASMA, as well as a first-aid training certificate.

To perform safe gutter cleaning services, we access gutters via a 16.5m livery boom van and work at heights conforming to all HSE legislation.

2 Fix potentially serious problems early

More severe problems, like blocked, frozen, or leaking gutters can spell disaster for your property. If these problems are not detected and fixed as soon as possible, you leave yourself exposed to structural damage which can prove to be unsafe for anyone inside the building.

To avoid emergency gutter repairs, we recommend that you invest in gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance services regularly to detect any blockages and debris quickly.

3 Get it done regularly

As mentioned above, it is important to ensure that gutter cleaning is carried out regularly. In fact, property insurance providers now recommend regular gutter maintenance as a result of frequent heavy rainstorms in the UK.

Staying on top of your gutter cleaning will enable rainwater to flow off the roof and away from your property. Subsequently, this can minimise the risk of moisture entering the building, and forming costly problems that can be difficult to fix – like damp, mould and rot.

As part of our national gutter cleaning contracts, we recommend carrying out gutter cleaning on a biannual basis.

4 Prepare for each season

Different seasons will pose varying risks for your gutters. In autumn and winter, excess leaves, frozen pipes and rotting debris can be costly to fix, as well as posing significant health and safety risks.

In contrast, spring and summer offer less in the way of extreme weather, meaning that gutter maintenance, gutter cleaning and gutter repairs are neglected, which can lead to serious problems long term.

Fortunately, our teams at UK Gutters are prepared all year round, offering value for money solutions for your commercial property needs, professionally, efficiently and safely.

5 Leave it to the professionals!

Of course, for the avoidance of any doubt, we would always recommend coming to us for your gutter cleaning needs, to ensure that the job is done the right way every time.

It is our goal to offer our customers the best value for money when it comes to selecting a national gutter cleaning service. We are always happy to provide quotes for repairs and cleaning to be rectified in line with your budget requirements, or alternatively, we can provide independently priced jobs.

With autumn well underway, investing in gutter cleaning now can save you money in the long run. Contact UK Gutters today to organise routine gutter cleaning for your property.